Master the Art of Stain Removal with Ariel

Stains can happen everywhere: in the kitchen, in your garden, or in front of the bathroom mirror. Being prepared for a stain emergency can save you precious time and energy, not to mention the fabric of your clothes. Read on to learn about some of the most common stain types and how to remove them!

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Step-by-Step Stain Removal Guide

Variety Of Stains On White Cloths

Although no two stains are alike—you can remove most of them by following the steps outlined below—how you pre-treat the stain will depend on the stain. Follow our stain removal guide and learn how to get any stain out of your garments in eight simple steps with Ariel.

  1. Remove the excess stain. Get rid of as much of the stain as you possibly can by using a paper towel, a fork, or a brush, without spreading the stain further. This is particularly important for stains that have already dried.

  2. Check fabric care labels. Your clothes’ fabric care labels will tell you what should and should not be done, the temperature ranges and more. If you need more information on how to read them, check out our handy guide to fabric care labels.

  3. Put the POD in the drum. Place one Ariel All-in-1 POD at the bottom of the drum before adding your clothes to the washing machine. Use one POD for medium soiled clothes or loads of 4-5 Kg, and two PODS for heavily soiled clothes, loads over 5KG, or hard water areas. Always make sure to check dosage instructions on your pack.

  4. Load. Add the clothes directly into the drum of your washing machine and add similar clothes in colour and fabric type to fill the machine. Be sure not to overload your washing machine. If in doubt, place the palm of your hand in the top of your washing machine’s drum. If it doesn’t fit, remove some clothes until it does.

  5. Wash your garments. Check your garment’s fabric care label for the most appropriate temperature setting and washing machine cycle.

  6. Unload immediately. If you leave your clothes in the drum too long, they can go stale, so remove them immediately or within 2 hours to get the best freshness.

  7. Check garments before drying. Before putting your clothes into the drier or hanging them out to dry on a line outside, check if the stains are completely gone, as drying will set them.

To keep stains from setting in, make sure to soak your clothing item in cold water as soon as possible. When it comes to removing stains, it’s usually best to use cold water and a high-quality detergent like Ariel All-in-1 PODS if you're not sure about the stain type. However, for harder-to-remove greasy stains, you'll want to use warm or hot water.

If you are still unsure how to do laundry correctly, don’t worry, just read our comprehensive laundry guide, which covers everything from washing symbols to sorting, and master the art of doing laundry efficiently in a few easy steps.

Stain Removal Tips for More than 70 Types of Stains

Think of any stain you want to, chances are we have the guide to help you remove it. You’ll find more than 70 different stain types below, from grease to baby poop, and the specific know-how needed for their efficient removal.

How to Remove Food and Drink Stains

Whether you managed to drop your yoghurt bowl on your pants or spilled some BBQ sauce on your shirt, Ariel is here to help you remove a colourful range of food and drink stains in a few easy steps!

Food Stains

Drink Stains

How to Remove Tough Stains

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. Worry not as you can get rid of even the peskiest stains if you just act fast and follow Ariel’s advice!

Tough Stains

How to Remove Outdoor Stains

Outdoor activities like gardening, hiking, and biking may be a ton of fun, but getting down and dirty can result in a variety of stains. Learn how to get rid of outdoor stains with Ariel!

Outdoor Stains

How to Remove Beauty Stains

Although their main purpose is to make you feel better about your appearance, beauty products like nail polish and makeup can easily leave their mark on your favourite clothes, ruining your look completely. Read Ariel’s handy tips on beauty stain removal and say goodbye to bothersome stain dramas!

Beauty Stains

How to Remove Baby Stains

Babies are great at making a mess – and with some help from Ariel, you can be great at cleaning them up!

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