Our approach to sustainable detergent packaging

You don’t buy Ariel for the packaging, you buy it for quality of the detergent inside it.

That doesn’t change the importance of the package, though. Ariel’s packaging prevents the product from being spoilt. Our different packs provide a way of identifying what is inside and packaging labels carry vital information such as ingredient lists, safety and dosage advice.

However, packaging creates waste, which is an important environmental concern. At Ariel, we work to make sure our packaging is produced, reused, recycled and disposed of in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. Our focus is on reducing the amount of material used in our packaging, so called ‘light-weighting’, maximizing the use of recycled materials and using materials that are in turn fully recyclable.

Ariel packaging with renewable materialsAriel packaging with renewable materials

Why you should recycle Ariel packaging

Our long term goal is to have all products and packaging made with renewable or recycled materials. More than 90% of our packaging is already recyclable, and we are constantly looking for solutions to make the rest recyclable, too. To that effect we are doubling the amount of Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR) in our plastic packaging by 2020. By using more recycled material in our packaging we can significantly reduce the strain on the environment conserving natural resources and reduce the amount of packaging that goes to landfill. In Europe, our bottles are currently made from 25% PCR plastic. Globally, P&G’s fabric care bottles are made from up to 50% PCR and in 2015 we increased the amount of incremental recycled material that P&G Fabric Care uses per year increases by 3.8 kilo tons.

P&G Fabric Care announcement, Jul 2015

As such, our packaging teams are continuously looking for ways to cut waste, package size and weight, while providing you with better Ariel compaction and experience. All our bottles are fully recyclable – please check your local recycling and recycle our bottles.

Ariel sustainability partnerships

Ariel places great importance on sustainability, and packaging is a key part of this. Today we face challenges as high levels of recycled plastic that is of the quality and type needed for our bottles is in limited supply. Our packaging development experts take part in European and cross industry efforts to optimize the recycling rate of plastic. We’re committed to packaging that not only uses less material, but is compatible with waste management systems.