Our approach to detergent packaging

Our approach to detergent packaging

You don’t buy Ariel for the packaging, you buy it for the quality of the detergent inside it.

That doesn’t change the importance of the package, though. Ariel’s packaging prevents the product from being spoilt. Our different packs provide a way of identifying what is inside and packaging labels carry vital information such as ingredient lists, safety and dosage advice.

However, packaging creates waste, which is an important environmental concern. At Ariel, we work to make sure that we minimize the impact that our packaging has on the environment. Our focus is on reducing the amount of material used in our packaging, and recyclable ensuring that it is recyclable in accordance with local guidelines.

How to recycle Ariel packaging?

As we said, at Ariel, we pay special attention to reducing our carbon footprint while taking care of your laundry too. For this exact reason, all our packaging can be recycled in accordance with local guidelines. If you’re unsure how to recycle our packaging, contact your local council or recycling centre and they’ll give you a helping hand.