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Combining the powerful and outstanding clean of PODS® with extra innovative technologies to solve even your most demanding cleaning challenges, there’s an Ariel POD to tackle every type of laundry emergency. From tough stains to lasting odours, Ariel’s scientists have developed the Ariel Platinum PODS® formulations so that whatever laundry SOS lands in your wash basket, there’s a POD® for the job.

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Why new Ariel PODS®?

Our Ariel Platinum PODS® Collection is all about delivering outstanding cleaning power, even in colder wash temperatures.

This is why all the detergents in our collection are specifically formulated to remove tough stains even in a cold wash without compromising on brilliantly clean clothes or the fresh scent of clean.

How? Introducing Ariel’s new COOL CLEAN technology™

A proprietary enzyme now included across our Platinum PODS® Collection as well as the All-in-1 PODS®

Our new COOL CLEAN technology™ is exclusive to P&G and has been created by scientists to act specifically on stains and starch present in food such as puddings, soup, sauces, pasta and salad dressings, so that you can get outstanding stain removal from the first wash. What’s more, Ariel’s new Grease Cutting Technology available in Platinum + Extra Stain Removal variant or in Platinum + Febreze Odour Defence variant works its way through everything from sweat to greasy stains even on a cold wash, while our upgraded perfumes result in even more freshness.

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Discover the new Ariel Platinum PODS® Collection

Explore the Ariel Platinum PODS® line-up, combining Ariel’s outstanding stain removal power with additional innovative technologies for the ultimate laundry experience no matter what the cleaning challenge.

Ariel Platinum PODS® + Extra Stain Removal

Sick of having to pre-treat tough stains, or having to re-wash? Enter Ariel Platinum PODS® + Extra Stain Removal – a true stain busting hero. Designed to work without the hassle of pre-soaking or having to add extra stain remover, + Platinum Extra Stain Removal is formulated to tackle the very tough loads – from the stained and heavily soiled to the whitest of whites.

NEW Ariel Platinum PODS® + Extra Stain Removal combines our best stain removal technology along with exclusive grease cutting powers and is proven to remove even seven day-dried in stains – even on a cold wash! This is the Ariel POD to choose for your tough loads, delivering our PODS® best ever clean, without any of the extra work for you.


Ariel Platinum PODS® + Febreze Odour Defence 

We all have those loads of laundry we fear won’t come out smelling as fresh as we’d like, whether it’s sportswear, work clothing or towels – and the temptation to wash hotter is high!

With Ariel’s upgraded Active Odour Defence, you can be confident that your washing will come out as smelling as good as it looks, thanks to Duo Odour Defence Technology. This upgraded formula has been designed to not only remove the source of bad smells as of the first wash thanks to its deep cleaning action, it also delivers 2x longer anti-odour action* so that you can be confident your wash will smell fresher, for longer.

*freshness vs. Ariel PODS® Regular


Ariel Platinum PODS® + Touch of Lenor Unstoppables

There’s no need to choose between beautifully scented laundry and high-performance cleaning thanks to Ariel Platinum PODS® + Touch of Lenor Unstoppables. Combining the brilliant cleaning power Ariel is known for, with Lenor’s famous freshness, this new formula is designed to infuse gorgeous scents into everything from clothing to towels and bedding, and last through washing, drying and wearing. This is freshness with serious longevity – proven to last up to one week when in storage.


Ariel Platinum PODS® + Touch of Lenor

Upgrade your laundry routine with Ariel Platinum PODS® + Touch of Lenor. Designed to keep your clothes brilliantly clean and smelling incredibly fresh, the super-concentrated Ariel Platinum PODS® washing capsules + Touch of Lenor are equipped with extra scent boosters and motion activated perfume bubbles, offering our freshest clean yet.


Ariel PODS® Benefits

Lift stains



Protects fabrics

Brilliant in a cold wash

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How to wash with Ariel PODS®

Using Ariel PODS® couldn’t be simpler. Just pop a laundry POD into the back of the drum, add your laundry on top, set the wash cycle, and prepare for excellent cleaning results. In no time at all, Ariel’s newly reformulated washing capsules will wow you with their outstanding cleaning ability and the fresh scent of clean. To get the most out of your washing, here are a few useful tips to take note of:

  • Read the label:

    This contains useful information about how to look after your garment, and most importantly, what not to do! Get the low down on laundry symbols here.

  • Get sorting!

    Taking a few minutes to separate colours and fabrics can make the difference between beautifully clean clothes and a major laundry mishap. Find out how to sort your laundry here.

  • Avoid overload.

    Just like people, washing machines don’t work at their best when overloaded. If you can’t fit your hand in the drum once your washing is in, it’s too full. Learn more about how not to load your machine here.

  • Use the right detergent:

    Ensuring you use a washing detergent that is formulated to work on stains even when on cold means a better wash for your clothes. It’s also important to choose the right type of detergent for the job in hand – check this handy guide for tips.

  • Stay Cool:

    Turning the temperature down on your washing machine although some will need a higher temperature, for example when dealing with heavy soiling or washing after illness. Make sure you’re choosing the right cycle by checking our guide on washing machine cycles.

  • Timely Unloading!

    The washing is done, the clothes are clean and fresh – what could go wrong? Forgetting to unload it all! Make sure you look after your clothes properly once the laundry is done with these top tips.

  • New Ariel Platinum PODS® Collection have been formulated to deliver our best ever PODS® clean, even when on cold. Find out more about the benefits of a cold wash here.

  • What people think about Ariel All-in-1 PODS®

    Great cleaning action every time. This product is sensation. It does what it says on the proverbial tin. Great results and good value, just what every busy family needs. By dermot


    This product never fails to impress with its efficiency. Always reliable and always removing any stains or grime. Smells lovely and works to improve brightness of clothes - what more could you want? By rainbow182404918


    I use this product for my laundry and I love it! My laundry comes out clean and stain free, no matter how strong the stain is, plus it smells great too! Would recommend to anyone, it is a great product. By Naj774445832