Ariel Gel

Designed for a brilliant stain removal even in a cold wash.

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Why Ariel Gel?

Ariel Gel is specifically formulated to remove stubborn stains, even in a cold wash – allowing you to wash colder, while still enjoying brilliantly clean, fresh-smelling clothes. Designed to provide your garments with an effective clean, even on a cold wash cycle, these super concentrated washing liquids are equipped with Ariel’s new COOL CLEAN™ technology. This proprietary enzyme was created by scientists to act specifically on stains and starches present in foods like puddings, soups, sauces, pastas, and salad dressings, so you can get outstanding stain removal from the first wash.

Ariel GEL Benefits

Outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash

Cleans brilliantly at 20°C as well as at 40°C

Easy and convenient to use

Unique bottle with high precision dosing, with just a squeeze

Discover Ariel Gel

Ariel Original Gel

Ariel Original Gel provides a brilliant stain removal, even in a cold wash. This super concentrated detergent dissolves fast, even in a quick cycle, removing stains and leaving your clothes clean and vibrant. Ariel Gel’s unique bottle allows you to dose with high precision, for an even better laundry process.

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Ariel Colour Gel

Ariel Gel provides you with brilliant cleaning even in a cold wash. Ariel Colour Gel cleans and keeps colours bright. This super concentrated gel activates in cold water and dissolves rapidly even in a quick wash, removing stains to leave your clothes vibrant and clean!

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Ariel Gel +Active Odour Defence

Upgrade your laundry experience with Ariel +Active Odour Defence Gel, and protect your clothes from malodour at washing temperatures as low as 20°C. Wash away serious sweat stains, impossible dirt, and stubborn food particles with this rapidly dissolving liquid gel, and enjoy irresistible freshness wash after wash.

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Ariel Gel +Lenor Freshness

Infuse your clothes with nose-pleasing floral freshness, and enjoy a long-lasting sensorial experience with Ariel +Touch of Lenor Washing Gel! Designed to provide you with a superb Ariel clean, even in a cold wash, this super concentrated gel is equipped with extra scent boosters for our freshest clean yet.

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Ariel Gel +Platinum Extra Stain Removal

Providing brilliant stain removal and a powerful clean with extra hygiene, Ariel GEL +Platinum Extra Strain Removal is your best friend when it comes to washing away even the most persistent stains at a cold temperature. What’s more, Ariel +Platinum Gel can also be used for pre-treatment of tough stains.

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