Brilliant cleaning in cold temperatures with Ariel Gel
Benefits of Ariel Gel

Ariel Gel activates at low temperatures 

Gives a brilliant clean in cold wash

The unique formula of Ariel Gel activates at low temperatures and dissolves rapidly, even on a quick cycle or a cold water wash, ensuring the complete removal of set-in stains. It’s the perfect detergent for when you need your garments cleaned in double-quick time. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the cold wash cycle, read our article.

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Saves you energy

Washing clothes at 30°C rather than 40°C reduces your washing machine’s energy consumption by 57% per cycle. Doing your laundry on a lower temperature will not only save you energy, it will also prevent your garment’s colours from fading and its fibre structures from being damaged. The truly energy-conscious will be happy to learn that Ariel Gel works amazingly well even in a quick wash cycle, saving you time as well as water! Read our article to find out how to save even more energy!

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Ariel Gel saves you energy 
Ariel Gel is gentle on clothes 

Is gentle on clothes

With Ariel Gel at your disposal, you won’t have to choose between clean clothes and a gentle wash ever again. Innovative and easy-to-use, Ariel Gel is effective at stain removal and garment care, all at once. Its exclusive cleaning boosters help remove even the toughest stains, and its special actives prevent colour fading, while its improved brightness system boosts your whites without damaging colours or the fabric.

What other people think about Ariel Gel

Ariel Washing Gel Original

I love this product. It has an irresistible scent, gives clothes a long-lasting freshness, and leaves your clothes feeling clean and very soft.

By black25320332

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Ariel Washing Gel with a Touch of Febreze

Cleans very well and laundry has a lovely aroma. Washing smells beautiful and very clean!

By Tarno

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Ariel Washing Gel Colour and Style

I have very sensitive skin and so do my children, but we have been using Ariel Gel Colour & Style for years. All my colours stay bright and the stains come out as well.

By Samanths

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Ariel Gel Original

Ariel Washing Gel Original

Ariel Washing Gel Original provides the ultimate clean, even in a cold wash. This super-concentrated detergent dissolves fast, even in a quick cycle, removing stains and leaving your clothes clean and vibrant. Ariel Gel’s unique bottle allows you to dose with high precision, for an even better laundry process.


Ariel Gel with a Touch of Febreze

Ariel Washing Gel with a Touch of Febreze

Suitable for quick wash cycles, and washing at low temperatures. Ariel Gel with a Touch of Febreze leaves your clothes with the fresh scent of cleanliness all throughout the day. Easy and convenient to use, it’s the perfect detergent for when you need your garment spotless and Febreze-fresh in double-time.


Ariel Gel with a Touch of Colour & Style

Ariel Washing Gel Colour & Style

Do you want a detergent that delivers a brrrrilliant clean and vibrant colours, at low water temperatures? From now on, you no longer have to choose between an impeccable clean and taking care of your fabrics. Keep your colours bright and your clothes stain-free with Ariel Gel Colour & Style.


According to a study by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), by washing at 30 degrees or in cold water you can save up to 57% on your energy consumption per cycle. For Details of the study click here.

How to use and dose Ariel Gel

A guide to gel from Ariel

Ariel Gel not only comes with an easy-to-use cap that helps you measure out the correct amount of detergent, it also comes in a unique bottle that lets you dose with high precision, in a single squeeze. Read our article and watch our video for a more in-depth look at how to dose Ariel Gel.

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