Meet the SECURECLIC® box

Meet the SECURECLIC® box - Ariel’s packaging that is intuitive to use and child safe

After years of development by Ariel’s scientists, the SECURECLIC® box represents the next generation of detergent packaging – a revolutionary cardboard packaging, designed to be child safe and easier to use for all adults.

The revolutionary cardboard packaging is FSC certified¹ and recyclable, in accordance with local guidelines.

A certified child safe system

At Ariel, child safety is our number one priority. While the SECURECLIC® box has a more intuitive opening mechanism for all adults, it is certified for child safety. Children are prevented from accessing the Ariel PODS® inside thanks to its smart design, proven by extensive research.

And because safety is also about reclosing the pack after every use, Ariel scientists have designed a reassuring ‘click’ feature to signal that the pack has been properly closed.

Of course – make sure you store and keep your SECURECLIC® box out of reach of children.

In addition, all our packaging includes a UFI code located at the back of pack. This 16-character Unique Formula Identifier helps medical services identify the product and its ingredients quicker so that you can get accurate advice faster, in the event you have an accident involving Ariel PODS®. Learn more about Ariel’s child safety guidance here.


Accessible to all – except children

Ensuring that the design of the SECURECLIC® box is as intuitive to use and as inclusive as possible without compromising on child safety is a critical requirement for Ariel. Find out more about the changes we’ve made.


How it works

Ariel’s new packaging is inclusive and intuitive to use for adults thanks to its ergonomic opening system with the 2 buttons. Ariel has designed large, clear and legible opening instructions placed at the top of the pack to make sure the box is easy and comfortable to open for all, including those with dexterity, visual and / or cognitive impairments.

Ariel’s SECURECLIC® box also includes two ground-breaking features located on the top panel to help those with visual impairments: a tactile marker and NaviLens technology.

  • The tactile marker on the top of the box, at the right corner, has been developed by Ariel to help blind consumers recognize what the product is: a laundry detergent.

  • Next to it, the Navilens QR Code, when scanned through the NaviLens application, downloadable onto your phone, will open an audio-description of the product as well as large and readable text on your phone to help you understand what the product is and how far it is from you. NaviLens code has been developed by a UK Start-up and is already helping many of blind and visually impaired consumers today.

For more information about NaviLens please visit: