How to save energy

How to Save Energy

When doing your laundry, you may not be thinking about the environment – but we are. We are continually looking for ways to not only make your laundry experience better but also ensure it is environmentally friendly. That’s because we know that, when you take into account everything from manufacture to the packaging used, the largest impact a detergent has on the environment is the energy used to heat the water in your washing machine. We also know that when your laundry process is efficient, it helps you save valuable energy. So how can you conserve energy and be eco-friendly? And how can Ariel help? Let's take a look:

Turn it down and to quick

When it comes to using detergent, the most efficient way to save is by turning down the washing machine to 30 degrees or lower, or by using quick cycles, which are often automatically run at low temperatures. Ariel liquid works perfectly at 30 degrees, and is up to 30% more efficient than washing at 40 degrees. Also, it helps to prolong the appearance of your clothes by protecting them and helping to make them last longer.

Ariel products are designed to clean brilliantly in cold and quick cycles, even delivering a superior clean at temperatures as low as 20 degrees. We are also working towards a corporate goal of ensuring 70% of machine wash loads are done in energy saving cycles by 2020. Our progress as of 2017 is that 67% of loads are now done in energy saving cycles.

Further tips for efficient and sustainable washing:

  • Use the correct detergent dosage for the amount of washing you are doing, the level of dirt and the water hardness. Too much detergent and you not only waste detergent, but you may well need to wash again. You’ll waste energy and water, as well as the detergent. That’s not good for your wallet or the environment. All Ariel packs have dosing instructions to help you know how much to use per wash. For a full guide on how to dose, click here.
  • Follow the usage instructions on your detergent, your appliance and the items you are washing. It will help make sure you get optimal results every time and do not have to wash things twice
  • Check the appliance manufacturer's instructions to see if they provide an energy and water use rating for each cycle. It is important that you get the facts on water and energy use for the most used cycles of your washing machine.
  • Check packaging symbols to make sure you recycle or dispose of packages correctly. Besides reducing landfill, recycling will help avoid using energy to create new packaging from virgin raw materials.

For more sustainable laundry tips and to find out more about the benefits of turning to 30 degrees or lower, click here. If you prefer 30 then Ariel is the right choice for you as you can switch to a lower energy cycle without compromising on cleaning performance.