Our commitment to compaction

We are also continually working to reformulate our liquid and powder laundry detergents into more concentrated and compacted forms.

In doing so we are significantly reducing the packaging, energy, and water we use, whilst enjoying Ariel’s trusted outstanding performance.

In the pursuit of an eco friendly detergent

The biggest difference you are likely to notice is that today's detergents are easier to carry around and take less space to store. However, this also means they require less energy for distribution, so their environmental impact is on average much lower. Although you might not see all the benefits directly, detergent compaction or concentration is good news for the planet because these detergents use:

  • Less energy in manufacturing

  • Less packaging (less material waste and they are easier to transport and lead to less emissions in the transport process).

  • Less space in warehouses (reducing storage, heating and lighting impact)

  • Less CO2 in transportation

Our commitment to compaction

P&G is the world’s first multinational company to transform 98% of its global liquid detergent business into concentrated forms to a recommended dosage of 75 ml or below.

This means that, after following the dosing instructions on the back of the pack, you will find that you only actually need a relatively small dose of Ariel per wash load, compared with many other detergents. The exact correct dose depends on the size of your machine, your water quality, and how stained your clothes are. Always check the back of your Ariel pack for full dosing guidance.