Ariel Original Washing Liquid

From Ariel a new formula with pre-treat cap,scrubs, removes stains and helps you properly dose your washing liquid and give up to 95% stain removal in the first wash!*.

*Results may vary by fabric and stain pretreated - 40°C, medium water hardness

Ariel Washing Liquid with pre-treat cap is also available in Colour & Style, Febreze effect, and Regular variant.

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Stain removal tips
How to Remove Stains from Clothes

The most effective solution to remove lipstick, chocolate or coffee stains from clothes is Ariel liquid, as it has surfactants that remove many types of stains from fabrics.

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Thanks to years of development by leading scientists, new Ariel comes with a new, innovative pre-treat cap, which has already proved its efficiency. Order your free pre-treat cap now.

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