How to remove grease stains from clothes

Cooking and baking can be lots of fun, but there’s always the risk of something like grease, butter, or oil getting on your clothes. These tough stains can sometimes feel impossible to remove, but don’t worry, Ariel has got you covered.

You may have heard that baby powder, soap, or baking soda can be the best for getting grease out of clothes, but there’s another way that doesn’t involve experimenting. So, read on and discover how to get grease stains out of clothes and make them look like new again.

5 steps on how to remove butter, oil, and grease stains from your clothes

Cooking accidents happen more often than you’d think. So, it’s useful to be prepared and know how to remove butter, oil, and grease stains from clothes, especially if they’re old. Follow our step-by-step guide for the best result.

  • 1


    Pour Ariel Liquid Detergent directly onto the butter, cooking oil, or grease stain, enough to completely cover the stain. You can pour it in from either the bottle or the cap.

  • 2

    Load a washing machine

    Without washing off the detergent, place the garment into the washing machine with other items. Leaving the detergent on the stain will boost your wash performance.

  • 3

    Dose washing liquid

    Use the cap to ensure you use the right amount of washing liquid. Make sure you dose correctly and place the cap in your washing machine, on top of your clothes.

  • 4

    Wash your clothes

    Wash your clothes on your usual cycle, at the hottest wash temperature allowed by the instructions on the garment’s fabric care label.

  • 5

    Unload the washing machine

    When the cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately.

Effective stain removal on a variety of stains

Grease, butter, and cooking oil stains aren’t the only stains to come out of the kitchen, though. Whether you spill sauce down your shirt, baby food all over your trousers, or even beetroot on your dress, Ariel is here to help.

Choose Ariel Original Washing Liquid for tough grease, butter, and cooking oil stain removal, along with many other stains, and say hello to clean, fresh and stain-free garments.