Sustainable manufacturing

Our future depends on sustainability, which is why we have made it our mission to reduce the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process used to create our Ariel products.

In recent years, we have made significant progress where:

  • Our European operations use 28% less energy and 22% less water to make the same amount of products as they did in 2010.
  • We have also reduced our over-the-road truck transportation by 25% since 2010 by optimising our distribution routes and by using more multi-modal transportation and improved vehicle fill rate.

How much wastage does Ariel produce?

Our UK manufacturing site uses 20% less energy and 13% less water to make the same amount of products, compared with that used in 2010. Our French factory, which not only supplies France, but also supplies all Ariel PODS products for Europe, uses 100% renewable wind energy in its operations.It has also improved its manufacturing efficiencies to reduce GHG emission by 27%, and use 36% less energy and 38% less water to produce the same amount of products since 2010. Also, both our UK and France-based factories send zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Our corporate vision is to power all of our plants with 100% renewable energy and have zero consumer and manufacturing waste going to landfill. Read on find out more about our corporate sustainability goals.

Next steps for sustainability

At Ariel we continue to further all our sustainability commitments, for example we are increasing the use of post-consumer recycled material in our packaging in line with our corporate goal to double the use of recycled resin by 2020.

If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, we at Ariel recommend turning down the temperature dial on your wash. Washing at cooler temperatures can save you up to 50% more energy than when you use warm washes. We will continue our campaign to raise awareness for cold washes and how to be sustainable when it comes to your laundry.

Since 2010, the number of cold washes have increased from 38% to 53%, and we aim to have 70% of wash loads being done on cold water settings by 2020.

Corporate goals for 2020

Our vision is to use 100% renewable and recycled materials for all our products and packaging. We want to design products that delight with their great cleaning while maximising conservation of resources. We also aim by 2020 to:

  • Reduce truck transportation by 20% per unit production.
  • Reduce the use of water in our manufacturing facilities by 20% per unit of production, especially in water-stressed regions.
  • Provide 1 billion people with access to water-efficient products.
  • Reduce manufacturing waste to landfill to below 05% of input materials.
  • Conduct studies to understand how to get rid of dumped or landfilled solid waste.
  • Reduce absolute gas emissions by 30%.
  • Reduce energy use by 20% per unit production.
  • Ensure plants are powered by 30% renewable energy.
  • Develop technology that allows us to substitute petroleum-based materials for renewable materials.