Our Approach to sustainable manufacturing

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Reducing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process used to create Ariel products is another key priority of our sustainability mission. We have made significant progress in recent years: today our European operations use 28% less energy and 22% less water to make the same amount of products than they did in 2010.

Our UK manufacturing site uses 20% less energy and 13% less water to make the same amount of products, compared with that used in 2010.

Our French factory, which not only supplies France, but also supplies all Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid and Ariel PODs products for Europe, uses 100% renewable wind electricity in its operations and has improved its manufacturing efficiencies to reduce GHG emission by 27%, and use 36% less energy and 38% less water to produce the same amount of products since 2010.

Both factories send zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Our corporate vision is to power all our plants with 100% renewable energy and have zero consumer and manufacturing waste going to landfill. To find out more about our corporate sustainability goals click here.