Ariel Colour All-in-1 PODS®

Ariel Colour All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules have been designed to keep your coloured garments clean and bright, and they provide brilliant stain removal even in a cold wash. So that you can wash colder, save energy, reduce your laundry’s carbon footprint and now also reduce your plastic at home thanks to the ECOCLIC® cardboard box*.

Ariel Colour All-in-1 PODS®


Ariel Colour All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules have everything you need for clean, bright and fresh-smelling clothes in a tiny, but powerful capsule. Pod away serious sweat stains, impossible dirt and stubborn food particles even in a cold wash thanks to the unique COOL CLEAN Technology™, and protect the bright colours of your garments at the same time. COOL CLEAN Technology™ has been designed by scientists to provide brilliant stain removal even in challenging washing environments, like cold water.

Ariel All-in-1 PODS® come with a smart, multi-compartment design that keeps ingredients separate until they reach the water. Upon contact, the 100% water-soluble film fully dissolves to release powerful stain-removing technologies, offering our deepest and strongest All-in-1 PODS® Original clean ever.

On top, Ariel PODS® can now help reduce plastic thanks to their recyclable ECOCLIC® cardboard box. Their plastic content is maximum 5%, and they're designed to preserve your PODS®, so they can be powerful for longer.

Ariel Colour Pods®

Ariel Colour Pods® Cardboard Box

Ariel Colour All-In-1 Pods® - Fsc Certified

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How to use

How to dose

The PODS® washing capsules have to be put in the drum towards the back first before putting the load on top.

  • for soft to medium water, light to medium soiled loads, is one PODS® washing capsule per wash
  • for hard water and difficult/heavy soil load, we recommend using 2 PODS® per wash

To prevent the PODS® washing capsules from dissolving before use, you should always close the tub and handle with dry hands.

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Remove Stains From Clothes With Ariel Platinum Pods® + Extra Stain Removal

Lifts stains

Brighten Clothes With Ariel Colour All-In-1 Pods®


Freshen Clothes With Ariel Platinum Pods®


Fabric Protection With Ariel Platinum Pods®

Protects fabrics

Cold Wash Temperature

Brilliant in a cold wash


Your laundry routine should be safe and efficient. Follow our tips to make sure you are using and storing your laundry products correctly.

  • Or watch our safety video.

  • Do not press, peel or bite the pod.

  • Not recommended for handwashing.

  • No pre-wash.

  • Not recommended for delicate and wool cycles.

  • Flame Resistant Finishes: never soak or wash above 50°.

  • Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Risk of serious damage to eyes.

  • Irritating to skin. Avoid contact with skin and eyes: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear eye/face protection.

  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

  • Handcare: If you have damaged or sensitive skin, avoid prolonged contact with the washing solution.

  • Store in a cool dry place (0°-30°C). Do not store product in direct sunlight.