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At Ariel, safety is at the heart of everything we do. All washing detergent ingredients found in our products have been carefully chosen by our team of 700+ experts and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe for your family and the environment.

Our products are manufactured and distributed in full compliance with UK and international safety standards and using our four-step, science based product safety process.

We determine the safe range for all Ariel ingredients using the same process used by the world’s major regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, WHO, EU, etc.).If there is not enough information to establish a safe range, we will remove the ingredient from consideration or investigate it further.

We have been developing the Ariel formulation over the past 50 years, and we are constantly building on our expertise and using it to create new products and ingredients. We are always monitoring and investigating new scientific information so that our cutting-edge formula gives your clothes the best possible clean. A great example for such innovation is the Purezyme technology, where researchers discovered how an enzyme on seaweeds can help give clothes a better clean, even at low temperatures.

Here we share what’s in our products along with information about the ingredients in our Ariel detergents that we get the most questions about. Our aim is to make sure that we provide you with all the information you need to help you to make the best laundry decision for you and your family.

* Please note some of the detailed individual ingredients are subject to change as improvements are being made continuously. This information will be refreshed regularly, but at some points in time individual ingredients may differ.

If you want to know more about the laundry detergent ingredients we use in our products to give your clothes an outstanding clean, read on.


These are dyes that work to brighten fabrics, making whites appear whiter.


These are ingredients which enable cleaning agents, such as surfactants and enzymes, to perform at their best, either by boosting them or by pre-dissolving stains, turning the dirt into a form that can treated by the cleaning ingredients.


Coating agents bind to the surface of fabric fibres and help boost brightness.


Colourants are used to provide our detergents with a pleasant colour.


Enzymes are molecules that are able to target and break down particularly tough stains.


Helps prevent an excessive build-up of foam to enable quick and effective rinsing of the product at the end of the wash cycle.


Our unique fragrances help give your fabrics a lasting fresh scent when washed.


Adjusts the pH of the formula to ensure the product remains stable in storage.


Preservatives are used to prevent the detergent formula from deteriorating during storage. Once opened bacteria could cause the detergent to spoil if preservatives were not there to protect it.


A solvent is an ingredient in which other ingredients dissolve. Some solvents also work to aid the cleaning process by pre-dissolving stains, turning the dirt into a form that can treated by the cleaning ingredients.


Stabilisers help stop certain reactions between different ingredients, ensuring that each ingredient in the product plays its specific designated role.


Surfactants create the foam needed to remove dirt from fabrics, they play a key role in aiding the cleaning process.


Thickens liquid detergent to create the optimum consistency for cleaning during the wash cycle.


Water is the substance that the ingredients for our liquid detergents are dissolved in. Our highly concentrated liquid detergents minimise the amount of water compared with the active ingredients, which reduces packaging water and energy use.


Prevents limescale build up in the machine and encrustation of fabrics.


To learn specifically what ingredients go into our detergents, visit the page of the product you're interested in!

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