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Learn the language of laundry, discover what goes into Ariel, and understand the secret of stain removal with our ingredients guide.

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AcetatepH adjusterMaintains formula pH levels
AlcoholSolventCleans and disinfects surfaces
Alpha-Isomethyl IononeFragranceGives a pleasant odour
AmylaseEnzymeBreaks down starch stains
Anionic modified polyesterSurfactantBreaks down stains
AquaWaterDissolves ingredients in formula


BentoniteCleaning aidRemoves grease
BenzisothiazolinonePreservativePreserves formula
Benzyl SalicylateFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Brightener 15BrightenerBrightens fabrics


C12-14 Pareth-7Cleaning aidKeeps ingredients suspended in formula
C14-15 Pareth-7Cleaning aidAids soaking and stain removal
C14-15 Pareth-nSurfactantBreaks down stains
CarbonateCleaning aidCleans and polishes surfaces
ChlorideStabilizerKeeps formula in one phase
CellulaseEnzymeBrightens fabrics
Cellulose GumThickenerHelps thicken formula
Citric AcidCleaning aidProvides deep cleaning
CitronellolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
ColorantColourantGives formula a pleasant colour
Co-polymer of PEG / Vinyl AcetateSurfactantPrevents dirt resettling on fabrics
CoumarinFragranceGives a pleasant odour


DextrinStabilizerKeeps formula in one phase
DimethiconeCoating agentBrightens fabrics surface
DimethiconolFoam control agentMakes fabrics soft and helps prevent the buildup of excessive foam.
Dipropylene GlycolThickenerHelps to control thickness for easy pouring.
Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl DisulfonateBrightenerBrightens fabrics
Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic AcidSurfactantBreaks down stains


EthanolSolventStabilizes formula
EthanolamineSolventBreaks down fatty stains
Ethoxylated m-toluidineStabilizerStabilizes formula color


GeraniolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
GlycerinThickenerPrevents products from drying out
GlycolStabilizerKeeps formula in one phase


Hexyl CinnamalFragranceGives a pleasant odour
Hydrated SilicaStabilizerPrevents products from drying out
Hydrogenated Castor OilSolventBlends formula ingredients
HydroxyethylcelluloseThickenerThickens formula




Gives a pleasant odour



Cleaning aid

Gives bulk and texture to products


Laureth-7SurfactantProvides deep cleaning
LimoneneFragranceGives a pleasant odour
LinaloolFragranceGives a pleasant odour
LipaseEnzymeBreaks down protein stains
LyaseEnzymeBreaks down stains


Magnesium ChlorideThickenerThickens formula
Magnesium SulfateCleaning aidRemove stains and marks
MannanaseEnzymeFights tough stains
MEA-citrateWater softenerPrevents lime scale
MEA DodecylbenzenesulfonateSurfactantRemoves stains
MEA-Laureth SulfateSurfactantProduces foam
MEA-Palm KernelateSurfactantBreaks down stains
MethylisothiazolinonePreservativePreserves product
Microcrystalline CelluloseStabilizerBreaks down fatty stains


Palm Kernel Fatty AcidCleaning aidRemoves stains and boosts foam
PARFUMFragranceGives a pleasant odour
PectolyaseEnzymeFights tough stains
PEI EthoxylateCleaning aidAids product efficiency
PEG-2 StearateSurfactantBreaks down stains
PEG-6 Methyl EtherSurfactantBoosts cleaning performance
PEG/PPG-10/2 Propylheptyl EtherSurfactantBlends formula ingredients
Polyethylene GlycolSolventLubricates and uniformly distributes ingredients
Polyvinyl AlcoholCoating agentImproves formula efficiency and builds coatings
Polyethoxylated hexamethyldiamine sulfateCleaning aidSuspends soils in wash water and enhances cleaning efficiency
Potassium SulfitePreservativePreserves formula
ProteaseEnzymeBreaks down fatty and protein stains


Silicone CompoundFoam control agentPrevents excessive foam
Sodium Acrylic Acid/MA CopolymerFoam control agentImproves product efficiency
Sodium C12-15 Pareth SulfateSurfactantRemoves stains
Sodium CarbonatepH adjusterPrevents the build-up of lime scale
Sodium Carbonate PeroxideCleaning aidRemoves stains
Sodium ChlorideStabilizerCleans and prevents lime scale
Sodium CitrateWater softenerPrevents the build-up of scale
Sodium CumenesulfonateCleaning aidDissolves dirt
Sodium Diethylenetriamine Pentamethylene PhosphonateWater softenerPrevents the build-up of scale
Sodium DodecylbenzenesulfonateSurfactantRemoves stains
Sodium FormateThickenerHelps formula thickness
Sodium HydroxidepH adjusterControls pH levels
Sodium laureth 3.0 sulfate*SurfactantProvides deep cleaning
Sodium Laureth SulfateSurfactantProduces foam and removes stains
Sodium Palm KernelateSurfactantRemoves fatty stains
Sodium PolyacrylateThickenerBreaks down stains and thickens formula
Sodium SoapC8-C18 CoconutCleaning aidRemoves stains and dirt
Sodium SilicateStabilizerKeeps formula in one phase
Sodium SulfateSurfactantEvenly distributes formula and ingredients
SorbitolThickenerThickens formula and aids pouring
Styrene/Acrylates CopolymerCoating agentBrightens fabric surface
SucrosePreservative/ThickenerPreserves and thickens formula
Sulfated Ethoxylated Hexamethylenediamine QuaternizedSurfactantPrevents dirtresettling on fabrics
Sulfuric AcidSurfactantBreaks down stains


TAEDCleaning aidActivates bleaching agents
Tetrasodium EtidronateCleaning aidBreaks down stains
Titanium DioxideColourantGives formula pleasant colour
Trideceth-nStabilizerDisperses dyes in formula
Trimonoethanolamine EtidronateWatersoftenerSoftens water and prevents lime scale
Trimonoethanol EtidronateSurfactantPrevents limescale
Tripropylene GlycolCleaning aidEliminates bad odours
Trisodium Ethylenediamine DisuccinateWater softenerSoftens water, prevents limescale


Zinc Phthalocyanine SulphonateCleaning aidProvides cleaning and brightens fabrics
ZeoliteWater softenerPrevents the build-up of lime scale