How to remove red wine stains from clothing

Red wine stains are really tough to take out, especially if they are not treated when fresh. So to remove them effectively, they need to be pre-treated. The most effective solution to remove red wine stains from clothes is Ariel powder, as red wine stains are bleachable/oxidisable stains. Ariel powder detergent has bleach that treats bleachable stains effectively. So follow the instructions below and get rid of those pesky red wine stains in the 1st go.

There used to be a time when a red wine stain was a disaster. Removing tough red wine stains called for a number of solutions, and you’d never end up with the perfect result. Yet red wine isn’t the problem it once was, thanks to Ariel.

While old advice may have told you that salt was the only way to remove a red wine stain, there is a better way that doesn’t involve faith and experimenting. Watch our step by step guide on how to get rid of red wine stains from clothing, or read the instructions below.

Removing red wine stains

  • 1

    Prepare a Soaking Solution

    First up, you’ll need to pre-treat the red wine stained garment. Fill a sink or bucket with warm water and add half a scoop of Ariel Original Washing Powder. Mix the solution by hand until the detergent is completely dissolved.

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    Add your red wine stained garments to the solution and leave to soak for an hour. If the stained garment keeps floating to the top, place a white towel on top of it to keep it fully immersed in the soaking solution.

  • 3

    Preparing to wash

    Gently wring out the excess water before adding it to your wash with similar items.

  • 4


    Wash as usual with Ariel, making sure to dose correctly. Always make sure to follow the instructions on your garment’s care label.

  • 5


    Then, when the wash cycle is over, simply remove the items and you’re ready to go.

Effective stain removal on many stains

Of course, red wine stains often come with friends. Whether the sauce from that great meal decided it wanted to meet your white blouse, or some chocolate stains dropped on your cocktail dress, Ariel has it covered.

Ariel Original Washing Powder is perfect for removing many tough stains from your favourites. Not only is it good at red wine stain removal, but Ariel also helps to brighten clothes when you’re washing whites and keep them fresh for longer.