How to remove liquid stains

Coffee, lipstick, ketchup – some of your favourite things can cause difficult stains. But now you can say goodbye to even the most difficult marks with our comprehensive stain removal guide. Choose the type of stain you would like to get rid of and let Ariel provide you impeccable cleaning!

Liquid stains are the most common. No one is perfect! Have you ever met anyone who never spilt anything in their lives? Don’t worry, Ariel is here to help you get rid of them.

Liquid Stains On Cloth

Removing beer and lager stains

Ariel Original Washing Liquid will deal with beer and lager stains. But if it’s an emergency and you don’t have any, dab the stain with a solution that’s one-part vinegar to four-parts water and rinse thoroughly before washing as usual with Ariel Original Washing Liquid, according to the care label.

Removing coffee and tea stains

Soak in cold water for an hour and wash with Ariel Original Washing Powder. Then make yourself another cup.

Removing wine stains

Red wine isn’t the problem it once was, thanks to Ariel Original Washing Powder. Simply treat the stain then wash with Ariel Original Washing Powder according to the fabric care label instruction. Alternatively you could try soaking in cold water before washing with Ariel Original Washing Powder.