How to remove urine stains

Babies and toddlers seem to be magnets for stains, like urine stains. A laundry nightmare, urine stains are a combination of protein and enzymatic stains, not to mention it also contains other chemicals such as uric acid, whose crystals are difficult to remove with most cleaning solutions. Ariel uses enzymes to bind and destroy uric acid, along with other ingredients such as bleaching agents, to remove the stain completely. So whether potty training didn’t quite work out last night or changing nappies went wrong, there is a simple solution for urine stain removal. Just follow our simple steps and remove them with Ariel Original Washing Liquid.

Urine Stain On White Pants

Removing urine stains

  • 1

    Remove excess

    Rinse the garment under cold, running water.

  • 2


    Pour Ariel Original Washing Liquid directly onto the urine stain.

  • 3


    Without washing off the washing detergent, place the garment into the washing machine with other items. Leaving the liquid detergent on the urine stain will boost your wash performance.

  • 4


    The cap is also a dosing device. Just fill it with the correct dose of washing detergent and place it directly into your washing machine drum, on top of the clothes.

  • 5


    Wash on the usual cycle, on the hottest wash temperature indicated. Always check the instructions on the garment’s fabric care label.

  • 6


    When the cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately.

Effective stain removal on a variety of stains

Since babies and stains seem to go hand in hand, such as poo stains and baby food stains. Ariel stain solutions can help you see outstanding stain removal from the 1st wash, helping you clean up other baby related messes and tough stains.