How to remove pollen stains

While most stains are caused by liquids, like oils, greases and sauces, pollen stains are caused by a fine powder which is a particulate stain. You can think of it as being similar to talcum powder or baking powder, in that you can shake most of it out when you get it on your clothes. Avoid touching the pollen stains, as the natural oils from your fingertips can set the pollen into the fabric, making it difficult to remove. Also, for optimal pollen stain removal, you’ll want to use a washing detergent like Ariel that contains bleaching agents, which can help get rid of pollen stains on fabric. See more of our Ariel stain solutions on removing pollen stains and see outstanding results in the 1st wash.

Girl Sneezing With Pollen Floating In The Air

Removing pollen stains

  • 1

    Remove excess

    Gently scrape the crayon stain with a spoon and shake any residue from the garment.

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    Pour Ariel Original Washing Liquid from either the bottle or the cap directly onto the pollen stain, enough to completely cover it.

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    Spread the washing detergent over the pollen stain with the pre-treat cap. The cap’s flexible fins can help spread the liquid detergent deep into the garment’s fibres as well as over the surface of the pollen stain.

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    Without rinsing off the liquid detergent, place the garment into the wash with similar items. Leaving the washing detergent on the pollen stain will give your wash that extra boost of cleaning power.

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    You can also use the pre-treat cap to ensure you use the right amount of washing detergent. Just fill it with the correct dose of liquid detergent and place it directly into the drum of your washing machine, on top of your dirty laundry.

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    Wash on the usual cycle, on the hottest wash temperature indicated by the instructions on the garment’s care label.

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    When the cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately. Make sure the stain is completely gone after washing before placing in the dryer, as drying may set the stain.

Effective stain removal on a variety of stains

Brushing into someone’s vase of lilies is the best way to get pollen stains on your favourite outfit. Whether you’re having a romantic dinner or you simply like flowers, other stains can accompany those from stray bits of pollen. Whether you have a wine stain on your top, or a chocolate stain on your skirt, don’t worry, you can see outstanding stain removal results from the 1st wash with Ariel.