How to remove vegetable stains

You can get all kinds of vegetables in different colours, tastes and textures, so of course each type of vegetable stain is different. You’ll want to use a washing detergent that contains bleaching agents, like those in Ariel, for successful vegetable stain removal from your clothes. Follow the steps below to find out how to remove vegetable stains in the first wash with outstanding results with Ariel.

Various Vegetabel Stains On White Table Cloth

Removing vegetable stains

  • 1


    Place one Ariel All-in-1 POD into the bottom of your empty drum. For very tough stains, add a second POD. Always make sure to check dosage instructions on your pack.

  • 2


    Load your stained garments on top of the PODS.

  • 3


    Wash on the highest temperature as instructed by your clothes’ Washing Symbols ExplainedWashing Symbols Explained.

  • 4


    After the wash cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately.

Effective stain removal on many stains

You kitchen comes full of stain risks, and not just vegetable stains, but also butter stainsegg stainsgravy stains or fruit stains. Nothing Ariel couldn’t handle. When it comes to removing tough stains, like how to remove vegetable stains from your clothing, Ariel can help you see outstanding stain removal results from the 1st wash.