How to wash different fabric types

Different fabrics require their own unique care. Your silk top is going to have different laundry needs when compared to your heavy duty jeans. Whatever the fabric, Ariel can help you see outstanding results in the first wash. Learn how to wash different fabrics by following the tips below.

Washing Different Fabrics

Washing all fabrics

There is one rule when it comes to washing any kind of fabric: check the fabric care label. If you can learn to understand the fabric care label and follow its instructions, you’re half way to great laundry already.

How to wash jeans

Denim may be durable, but it comes in many patterns and colours nowadays. Wash jeans and other denims on a cool, gentle wash along with other deep coloured clothing, and turn them inside out.

How to wash cotton

Cotton clothes are durable and soft, but have the tendency to shrink. Wash cotton clothes in warm or hot water, and always make sure to separate light and dark colours to avoid colour run.

How to wash sheets and bed linen

Bed sheets can often be forgotten about, but these need washing just as much as your clothes. Just use a hot wash to get them clean and fresh for your next sleep. Also make sure you separate colours and hang them outside to dry: the sun acts as a natural disinfectant.

How to wash down coats and bedding

Firstly, make sure the items can be machine washed. Then check seams before loading your machine. Wash as normal with Ariel Original Washing Liquid, and run through two rinse cycles to wash the soap out completely.

How to wash spandex

Leggings and other spandex clothes differ depending on the fibre used. Some are cotton based, while others use manmade fibres. As a rule, use a lower heat and avoid bleach and fabric conditioner. Also, don’t tumble dry and usually it’s fine to avoid the iron, too.

Whatever kinds of fabric you wash, you need to use a washing detergent that can remove tough stains while caring for your favourites. Ariel Original Washing Liquid can help you remove tough stains from all you different fabric kinds in the first wash. So whether you’re looking to take care of your gym clothescoloured clothes or keep your whites white, Ariel can help.