How to use a top loading washing machine

Top loader washing machines have some differences to front loaders. For starters, they’re easier to load – no bending down to the door. But they also therefore need different care. So how can you get the most out of your top loading washing machine?

On first impression, a top loader seems far less complicated than a front loader and has fewer knobs and buttons. Yet it has some drawbacks. You can’t put anything on top of it, for example. To find out how to use it, follow the simple steps below.

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Top Load Washing Machine

Using a top load washer:

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    Add your laundry detergent

    It’s important to add detergent first in a top loader, especially when you use Ariel All-in-1 PODS. They have to be placed first into the empty drum, close to the water source to dissolve right at the beginning of the wash. For more dosing tips, check out our article on easy dosing.

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    Add your clothes on top

    Be careful not to overload your top loader. Too many clothes and water may not get to all of them, leaving residue and an imperfect wash.

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    Select the cycle according to your fabric care labels

    Always follow what the labels on your garments say. If in doubt, go for a colder setting, Ariel PODS are designed to dissolve both in hot and cold water. If you see any signs you’re not familiar with, check out our guide to fabric care labels.

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    Unload immediately

    The sooner you unload your clothes, the fresher they will be. Always make sure to unload your clean laundry immediately for maximum freshness – or at least within 2 hours of the cycle’s end.

Knowing how to get the most out of your top loader is only the start to making your laundry process that much better, though. In order to wash your favourite things the right way, you’ll need to understand fabric care labels and always measure the correct dosage for your wash. But with Ariel’s help, your laundry process can be better than ever.