How you can avoid Ariel PODS sticking together

All PODS are designed to make your laundry process simpler than ever before. With 1 POD you can dose the right amount every time, getting great results in 1 wash. Yet just like any other detergent, you need to store it correctly, otherwise you may find your PODS sticking together.

Avoid Ariel Pods®  Sticking Together

PODS work by dissolving completely and fast in the water of your wash. This means that moisture and humidity can be a problem, even causing them to stick together or dissolve.

To avoid that happening, follow our simple steps below and watch our video.

Steps to avoid PODs sticking together

  • 1

    Dry your hands

    Only ever handle PODS with completely dry hands. Wet hands can cause the PODS to start dissolving, leading them to stick together.

  • 2

    Close the box

    Close the lid of your PODS’ box securely. Laundry rooms can be humid rooms, full of moisture, so it’s important to store PODS properly.

  • 3

    Store correctly

    Place your PODS on a shelf or preferably in a cool cupboard away from any moisture.

  • 4

    Broken seals

    If your box has been tampered with or the seal is broken before use, call our customer service.

Effective stain removal on a variety of stains

A well stored POD gives you a great laundry experience. Not only do PODS make it easier to measure the correct dosage for your wash, they are great at stain removal. Just make sure to keep your home safe by storing PODS well out of the way of reaching little hands.So whether you have tea stains on your favourite blouse or sweat stains on your workout gear, Ariel PODS can remove it in the first wash. Just make sure to store them correctly.