How to correctly dose Ariel to avoid damage and stains on clothing

While laundry detergents are designed to remove everyday stains from your favourites, sometimes they can leave their own stains on your garments. Here’s how to avoid it and how to achieve a great clean every wash.

Washing Pods®  In Washing Machine

All PODs are designed to give you superior clean – but only if you use them correctly. While it can be tempting to just add more detergent,that may not be the best choice. Instead, follow the steps below or watch the video.

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    Dose Correctly

    Place your POD in the bottom of your empty drum before the dirty laundry.A POD that is placed on top of your dirty laundry may get thrown onto the side or roof of your drum and get stuck there, meaning it won’t dissolve properly. By placing it under your clothes, you can ensure it will be close to the water source, and dissolve completely right at the beginning of the wash – both in hot and cold water.

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    Be careful not to overload

    By putting too much laundry into your washing machine, you can reduce the amount of space available for spinning, and neither the POD nor your laundry will get enough water for a good wash, which is essential for a good thorough wash. To make sure you haven’t overloaded your machine, put your palm in the top of the drum. If it does not fit, then you have too many items in the drum, and you should take one or more out.

Regular stains on your favourites are annoying enough without having to deal with detergent stains after the wash. So whether you’re dealing with chewing gum stainsnail varnish stains, or just trying to whiten clothes, Ariel is your friend. Just make sure to use it correctly and you can have stain free clothes in the 1st wash.