If you’re looking for brilliant cleaning at temperatures as low as 15 degrees, then Ariel Washing Gel is for you. Easy and convenient to use, the Gel and its unique bottle allow you to dose with high precision with just a squeeze. The Gel dissolves at the heart of the wash for brilliant cleaning performance even at low temperatures.


Always check dosing instruction first
Dose the excel gel using the dosing cup
Wash on cold water
Add fabric enhancer


24 washes per pack based on 37ml per wash. Like any household detergent, keep away from children.

Dosing instruction for Ariel Gel


• Outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash
• Cleans brilliantly at 15°C as well as at 40°C
• Easy and convenient to use
• Unique bottle dose with high precision with just a squeeze
• Keeps colours vibrant



Thickens liquid detergent to create the optimum consistency for cleaning during the wash cycle


Preservatives are used to prevent the detergent formula from deteriorating during storage. Once opened bacteria could cause the detergent to spoil if preservatives were not there to protect it


A solvent is an ingredient that other ingredients in a formula dissolve into. Some solvents also work to aid the cleaning process by pre-dissolving stains, turning the dirt into a form that can treated by the cleaning ingredients


Stabilizers help stop certain reactions between different ingredients, ensuring that each ingredient in the product plays its specific designated role


Enzymes are molecules that are able to target and break down particularly tough stains


Surfactants create the foam needed to remove dirt from fabrics, they play a key role in aiding the cleaning process


Our unique fragrances help give a lasting fresh scent to fabrics when washed

Water softener

Prevents limescale build up in the machine and encrustation of fabrics


Colourants are used to provide our detergents with a pleasant colour


Water is the substance that the ingredients for our liquid detergents are dissolved in. Our highly concentrated liquid detergents minimize the amount of water compared with the active ingredients, which reduces packaging water and energy use

Cleaning aid

These are ingredients which enable cleaning agents, such as surfactants and enzymes, to perform at their best, either by boosting them or by pre-dissolving stains, turning the dirt into a form that can treated by the cleaning ingredients


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96% Recommended

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03/28/2021 14:48:12

Ariel GEL

I wouldn't use anything else. Great for dark washes on low temperatures but also great at keeping your whites, white!

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03/26/2021 19:48:49


Found Ariel to be the best product when applied directly to stubborn stains before putting in the washing machine. Always get good results, pleasant smell without being overpowering

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03/11/2021 12:52:05

I have never used anything other than Ariel

I bought this 2 wks ago. My mother used it before me and I am using it now Good on stains Good on colours I will always use Ariel because it is such a good product and they are always looking to improve there product

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