How to wash linen

Linen explained: What it is, How it's related to flax, and how to care for this fabric!

Linen might seem like a high maintenance material, especially when creases are involved, but it’s actually easy to care for your linen garments. Find out how to wash flax clothes and how to care for flax with our laundry tips.

Woman Carrying A Linen Bag

What is linen?

Linen is a textile made out of the fibres of the flax plant, and it is also one of the most ancient fibres used for clothing. When making linen, first the flax fibres need to be separated and then they are spun into a thin yarn which can be used to weave the textile. The flax fabric itself is very absorbent and it’s popular for hot weather as it allows the body to breathe and cool down. The fabric is known for its smoothness, comfort and silky look, but it also creases very easily. Sometimes it’s combined with other fabrics, like rayon, wool, cotton and silk.

What clothes are made from flax fibres?

You’ll find many products on the market made from linen, such as bags, towels, aprons, clothing and even bedding. It’s particularly popular as clothing in hot climates, so you’ll find many summer or travelling clothes made out of linen.

How to wash linen fabrics?

  • Always check the fabric care label on the garment, since linen can be blended with other fibres, so each garment may have different laundry requirements.

  • Most linen items can be machine washed on a cold wash.

  • Use Ariel All-in-1 PODS or with Ariel Original Washing Liquid.

  • Cold water can help protect the colours in the fabric from dye transfer.

  • Use Lenor fabric conditioner to help minimise the wrinkling that comes with the fabric.

How to dry linen fabrics?

  • You can dry your linens in a tumble dryer at cool temperatures.

  • Remove your garments when they’re still slightly damp to avoid over-drying, which can make linen stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

  • You can hang the slightly damp garments over a hanger or dry flat.

How to iron and store linen fabrics?

Since linen has the tendency to crease and wrinkle easily, the good news is you can iron the garment without any issues. Simply place the item on a padded ironing board and spray some water onto the clothing, or alternatively you can iron while the garment is slightly damp. This can also prevent the iron from damaging the fabric. Store linens in a cool and dry place, avoiding plastic bags, cardboard boxes and cedar chests.

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