How to store laundry detergent safely

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive; it’s how they learn and play.

But sometimes their sense of adventure and discovery can have unintended consequences. That’s why babyproofing your home and keeping all detergents out of reach and away from children is so important.

Our Ariel PODS® are safe to use when in the right hands but it’s really important you keep them well away from your children and make sure that your package is completely closed after each use.

Meet our new child-lock system

To encourage reclosing the packaging, we have reinvented our Ariel PODS® packaging with the introduction of the new ECOCLIC® box, which has been developed through extensive child-safety testing. It has a unique ‘click’ opening mechanism that is designed to be easier for all adults to open and close, while keeping children safe thanks to its clever design that keeps children’s hands away from the product. Its reassuringly loud ‘click’ also lets you know that the box is properly closed once used.

Made from FSC Certified cardboard1, the new ECOCLIC® box is made of minimum 70% recycled fibers and is fully recyclable so you can easily add it to your household paper collection. Recycling packaging has never been easier!

The new ECOCLIC® box packaging has been extensively tested to ensure it remains robust and resistant to tearing, no matter how many times you open and close it, as well as protecting the Ariel PODS® from humid conditions. However, as with all laundry detergents, child safety is our number one priority, so we recommend storing your ECOCLIC® cardboard box in a cool dry place, out of children’s reach!

Learn more here.

How to open an Ariel PODS® box

The new ECOCLIC® box is designed to be easy for parents to open, but difficult for children’s hands.

  • To open, hold the pack firmly, press the ECOCLIC® lock with both your thumb and finger, and just slide the top off.

  • Take out your Ariel PODS®.

  • Close the box with a click.

  • Make sure you store and keep your ECOLIC® box out of reach of children!

How to open an Ariel PODS® bag

In 2019, we launched our PODS® pouch packaging with 75% less plastic but with 100% Ariel power. This new environment-friendly packaging also has our child-lock system, which is easy for you to open but not for curious little hands.

  • To open the bag, move the red slider to the left slide of the track until it is lined up with the notch, then press the top down and slide the red slider to the right while continuing to press the top down.

  • After taking a POD out for the laundry, make sure you close the bag correctly by moving the zipper fully to the left.

  • Make sure the bag is out of the reach of children. Always put your sealed pack of detergent on a high shelf or in a secure place where kids can’t reach it.

Child safety at home and in the laundry room

From the day your child is born through to their first years, it’s a never-ending adventure at home. However, as your child gets exploring, gets bigger, starts to crawl, grab things, and puts them in the mouth, you will want to keep them safe by taking a few child safety measures around the home. To help you keep your little one safe at any age, use our checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

Age 0 to 6 months

Your infant may not be crawling around on all fours just yet, but they will grasp anything to hand, wriggle, kick, roll over, and suck.

  • Never leave your baby on a raised surface, like a changing table.

  • Clear the crib of any loose objects.

  • Tuck blankets in when your baby is sleeping.

  • Keep crib gates high.

  • Supervise your baby in the bath.

Age 6 months to a year

Your baby gets a little more mobile these months, and can sit up, crawl, and put things in the mouth.

  • Cover sharp corners in the house with guards.

  • Clear the floor of any loose objects.

  • Keep small objects like medicine, marbles, batteries, and such, out of reach.

  • Install stair gates.

Age 1 to 2 years

Your toddler can now reach high up and find hidden objects. They can walk and climb and are especially curious at this age.

  • Tie back blind cords.

  • Ensure any object that can fall off a shelf or a cabinet is out of reach.

  • Fit stair gates to prevent falls.

  • Store sharp objects and household chemicals, including laundry products, out of reach.

Age 2 to 3 years

Now your little one will get more adventurous and will also start to imitate and watch you.

  • Don’t involve children in the laundry process or lighting fires.

  • Ensure all your medicines and household products come with child-safety packaging.

  • Let your child roam, but always keep an eye on them.

  • Store heavy and sharp objects out of reach.

However, no matter your child’s age, it’s essential you know how to store washing capsules and other detergents safely. Just remember to close laundry capsule packs with a click and always keep away from children.

Child Safety Tips from Ariel

The safety of our consumers and their families is at the heart of everything we do, so here are some child safety tips on childproofing your home and keeping your little ones safe and sound.

How to store Ariel PODS® and detergents

  • Babyproofing your home, is key to keeping small children away from products they should not touch, so use childproof safety cupboard locks on cabinets that contain hazardous or cleaning materials.

  • If you have a separate laundry room or area, install a safety gate or keep the door closed to keep your babies and children from entering

  • Keep detergents out of reach and out of sight – storing your Ariel PODS® high up in a dry place where children can’t get them, is an easy and practical way of childproofing your home

  • Always make sure any bottle caps, bags or lids are fully secured or reclosed properly. All Ariel PODS® packaging comes with a certified child-impeding system that’s easy for grownups to use but hard for toddlers and small children to get into, keeping them away from Ariel PODS®

  • Keep laundry products in their original storage containers with the label intact – don’t decant them into a decorative tin

  • Store them in a dry place and handle with dry hands

Child Safety During Laundry Time

Child safety isn’t just about storage; it’s also about doing your laundry safely. Here are some tips to keep your baby, child, and toddler safe when you’re putting a wash on:

  • We can get easily distracted when children or babies are playing around our feet, so always keep the container well out of reach while you’re busy sorting laundry or choosing the right wash settings

  • Handle Ariel PODS® with dry hands. The capsules are made of a film that dissolves quickly when it comes into contact with liquid. Wash your hands immediately after using Ariel PODS®, just to be 100% sure there is no liquid detergent residue on your hands

  • Close the packaging and store it high up in a safe, dry place so small children can’t reach it

  • Close the washing machine door as soon as you put your Ariel PODS® in – it could only take a second for your child to reach in and grab it

  • If you have a separate laundry room, make sure you leave the room and close the door securely.

For more information on safe use of laundry detergents, please visit the KeepCapsfromKids website.

What to Do If Your Child Swallows Ariel PODS®?

Sometimes, even when you’ve tried your best, accidents do happen. In the unlikely event your child or baby swallows something here’s what to do…

  • Contact a doctor immediately: tell them what happened and seek medical advice. If you are told to go to hospital, take the detergent with you so they can see what your child has come into contact with.

  • Look for the symptoms: these could include but are not limited to coughing, struggling for breath, and vomiting.

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