How to store laundry detergent safely

Children are curious by nature. It’s how they learn and play.

However, sometimes they can get too curious, and their little hands pick up something they shouldn’t be touching. Laundry capsules,with their bright colours and jelly-like texture can look a little too tempting for your pint-sized explorer, so it’s important they are kept out of reach of children.

This is why our team at Ariel have come up with a new pack design to make sure your little one can’t get their curious paws on our laundry PODS. The new Ariel All-in-1 PODS pack comes with an effective “child-lock system” that’s easy for grownups to use, but hard for toddlers and children to get into.

Meet our new child-lock system

How to open an Ariel PODS box

Our new All-in-1 PODS pack comes with a child-lock system. The great thing is it’s easy to know you’ve closed it correctly because it should always close with a click. But if you want to be sure you’re opening and closing the pack properly, follow the instructions below.

  • When you open the pack, use both hands. Place a finger on each latch and put your thumbs on the outside of the tub. To lift the tub, pinch and push the latches in towards you and lift the cover up.

  • After taking a POD out for the laundry, make sure you close the pack correctly. It’s really easy, just close the lid until you hear a click.

  • Place the pack out of the reach of children. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so even if the pack of detergent is sealed make sure you put it high up on a shelf or in a secure place your kids can’t access.

How to store laundry detergent safely

How to open an Ariel PODS bag

In 2019, we launched our PODS pouch packaging with 75% less plastic but with 100% Ariel power. This new environment-friendly packaging also has our child-lock system, which is easy for you to open but not for curious little hands.

  • To open the bag move the red slider to the left slide of the track until it is lined up with the notch, then press the top down and slide the red slider to the right while continuing to press the top down.

  • After taking a POD out for the laundry, make sure you close the bag correctly by moving the zipper fully to the left.

  • Make sure the bag is out of the reach of children. Always put your sealed pack of detergent on a high shelf or in a secure place where kids can’t reach it.

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Child safety at home and in the laundry room

From the day your child is born through to their first years, it’s a never-ending adventure at home. However, as your child gets exploring, gets bigger, starts to crawl, grab things, and puts them in the mouth, you will want to keep them safe by taking a few child safety measures around the home. To help you keep your little one safe at any age, use our checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

Age 0 to 6 months

Your infant may not be crawling around on all fours just yet, but they will grasp anything to hand, wriggle, kick, roll over, and suck.

  • Never leave your baby on a raised surface, like a changing table.

  • Clear the crib of any loose objects.

  • Tuck blankets in when your baby is sleeping.

  • Keep crib gates high.

  • Supervise your baby in the bath.

Age 6 months to a year

Your baby gets a little more mobile these months, and can sit up, crawl, and put things in the mouth.

  • Cover sharp corners in the house with guards.

  • Clear the floor of any loose objects.

  • Keep small objects like medicine, marbles, batteries, and such, out of reach.

  • Install stair gates.

Age 1 to 2 years

Your toddler can now reach high up and find hidden objects. They can walk and climb and are especially curious at this age.

  • Tie back blind cords.

  • Ensure any object that can fall off a shelf or a cabinet is out of reach.

  • Fit stair gates to prevent falls.

  • Store sharp objects and household chemicals, including laundry products, out of reach.

Age 2 to 3 years

Now your little one will get more adventurous and will also start to imitate and watch you.

  • Don’t involve children in the laundry process or lighting fires.

  • Ensure all your medicines and household products come with child-safety packaging.

  • Let your child roam, but always keep an eye on them.

  • Store heavy and sharp objects out of reach.

However, no matter your child’s age, it’s essential you know how to store washing capsules and other detergents safely. Just remember to close laundry capsule packs with a click and always keep away from children.