How to iron a shirt

Ironed White Shirt

Ironing a shirt

No one wants to look like they've slept in their clothes. Follow our simple steps to get your button-downs tidy and crisp-- and look your best in no time!

Check the shirt’s label

Cotton and cotton blends can tolerate a hot iron, while polyester blends need a cooler setting. The manufacturer’s label should spell it out clearly, but when in doubt, start with a low setting and increase the heat until wrinkles in the shirt begin to respond.

Is it clean?

Ironing over existing stains can set them permanently. Don’t risk it: Choose a detergent that works for both whites and coloured clothes, like Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Capsules Original, and use a dose of liquid fabric softener. For a long-lasting scent use Lenor.

Press the collar

Begin with the underside, working from the centre of the collar out toward the points. Turn over and repeat on the other side of the collar.

Press the shoulders

Place one shoulder over the narrow end of your ironing board. Starting at the yoke (where the collar meets the body of the shirt), iron toward the centre of the back. Repeat the process on the other side.

Press the cuffs

Lay one sleeve flat with the buttons or cuff-link holes facing up. Iron the inside of the cuff first, then turn over and iron the outside. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Press the sleeves

Lay one sleeve flat and use your hand to smooth out any creases between the two layers. Iron the front of the sleeve first, then the back. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Press the front and back

Begin with the front panels, taking care to iron between the buttons; pressing on them can cause them to break. Turn over and iron the back of the shirt.

When you’re done

Hang and button your shirt immediately, and turn off and unplug your iron.