How to keep your uniforms looking their best

Those back to school outfits come in all kind of shapes, colours and sizes. Depending on the school, the uniform may come with a black blazer with the school emblem embroidered onto it, a dark red or maroon jumper, or it may just be a simple navy blue uniform with a tie and a white shirt. Follow our laundry tips on how to wash school uniforms, to keep those uniforms looking top of the class at all times.

Hung Up School Uniform

Washing white shirts

The white button-up shirt or polo t-shirt is a back to school staple, but it also comes with the highest risk of picking up tough stains. And when it comes to washing whites, the number one rule is to wash them separately from darks and colours. Check the fabric care label for more information when it comes to washing school uniform shirts, such as the recommended washing temperature or even further instructions on how to iron your school uniform. You can also find out more on how to wash whites or if you’re faced with any unwanted stains, then see our stain removal tips for further tricks.

Washing dark school jumpers

Some school uniforms come with a school jumper, which can come in a range of colours such as navy blue, maroon, dark green and even black, depending on the school. Whether your school jumper is made from cotton or a mix of fabrics blends, you may want to turn the garment inside out to prevent pilling or fabric damage, especially if the jumper has any embroidery on it. Then, wash on the gentlest cycle possible with similar colours.

Washing skirts and trousers

At laundry time, trousers and skirts can be challenging, especially as kids will sit anywhere without looking first. Your child accidentally sat on a piece of gum? No problem, find out how to remove chewing gum in a few easy steps. You can wash trousers and skirts on a dark wash, but check the label so you’re sure you set the correct temperature for your wash cycle.

Washing a school blazer

Blazers may not be as delicate as they look. Most blazers are made from polyester which make them easy to wash, but double check the care label in case the garment needs any special laundry attention. Empty all the pockets and wash on a cool temperature with other dark items. Try to dry naturally, if possible, as this will prevent the blazer from shrinking.

Washing a sports kit

The sports kit is an important team player in your child’s school uniform, and one which requires special laundry attention. Whether you’re contending with sweat stains, malodour or even grass stains from the rugby pitch, it’s important to wash your sports kit as soon as possible to stop odours and stains from setting in. Wash school sports gear on the highest temperature recommended by the fabric care label.

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