How to wash cotton

Cotton explained: What it is and how to care for this fabric!

Cotton is a fabric we’ve all come across in our daily life. It’s durable and versatile, but also can become a laundry challenge, especially when there is the possibility your garment may shrink. Find out more about caring for cotton and cotton blend material.

Women Wearing A Lime Green Cotton Tshirt

What clothes are made from cotton fibres?

Due to cotton’s versatile nature, you’ll find a wide selection of garments made out of cotton, from regular everyday clothes to bed sheets. It’s a popular choice for summer clothes, due to the fabric’s ability to breathe. Cotton is easy to wash and care for since most cotton items are machine washable and dryable.

How to wash cotton fabrics?

  • You can wash cotton clothes in warm water with Ariel All-in-1 PODS and Lenor for great laundry results.

  • If you’re washing bright or dark cotton items, you may want to use a lower temperature wash at 30 degrees to help avoid colour fading and dye transfer.

  • Always consult the fabric care label before washing, since it will be different for each cotton blend material.

How to dry cotton fabrics?

  • You can dry most cotton items in the tumble dryer on a warm temperature setting.

  • Check the garment’s care label to make sure you don’t shrink the garment.

Person Steam Ironing White Cotton Cloth

How to iron and store cotton fabrics?

Cotton creases easily unless it’s blended with other fabric types, and it can get crumpled during the laundry process. Check the care label for specific instructions before ironing. You’ll see best results if you iron the item while it’s slightly damp, or use an iron with steam. Turn the garment inside out before ironing. You can also spray with starch if you want that crisp feeling. When it comes to storing cotton garments, store in a cool, dry place. Since cotton tends to wrinkle, store your cotton items by hanging the garment if possible.

Washing Machine Knob On Gentle Spin

Caring tips for your cotton fabrics

  • When using bleach to remove stains from cotton, be careful to avoid using more than the recommended amount as this may damage the fibres, and in the case of materials with a finish, avoid bleach altogether.

  • Fill the machine with cold water and use a gentle wash cycle to protect the colours more.

  • Since cotton wrinkles and shrinks easily, cotton garments tend to be blended with other fabrics. As you can get a lot of different cotton fabric types, always consult your garment’s fabric care label before washing.

  • Cotton can shrink when washed and dried, even though it’s durable, so you’ll want to wash your cotton garments with minimal agitation.

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