100 stain removal guarantee

7 out of every 10 women say they’d shun their favourite clothes as they’re scared of them getting stained*. Yet while stains are part of everyday life, that doesn’t mean you need to fear them.

With Ariel, you can insure your favourites against stains, and from now on you can say goodbye to those fears with our stain-free guarantee.

Modelled for better results

Ariel provides outstanding stain removal 1 wash thanks to its advanced cleaning formula that consists of different enzymes, surfactants and cleaning boosters. This unique formula has been designed using a computer modelling process that can simulate millions of different stain combinations. Instead of having to manually test each prototype Ariel detergent by washing each different material, a computer can run through the simulations, saving time, water and energy.

With the numerous stain combinations tested, we provide you with a sophisticated detergent that will get your favourites clean in no-time.

What are the most feared stains?

3 out of 5 women agree that cooking stains are the most feared*. They’d never wear their favourites while cooking, while a meal out is also a hazard. So Ariel removes many possible cooking stains, including yoghurtgreaseeggs, and even some food colourants.

Next up, more than 40% of women believe kids attract stains, even to others as well as themselves*. So don’t worry about grass, baby food, or chalk stains, Ariel will remove those, too.

Your favourites are your favourites for a reason, so wear them without fear. Ariel will help remove the toughest stains from your clothes in just 1 wash, so you can enjoy life with your favourites.

Better favourites, better you

Research has shown that wearing your favourites can help you feel more confident and better about yourself. 9 out of 10 women agree*. So being able to wear your favourites more often can give you a boost. Just put them in the laundry afterwards, and let Ariel take care of the rest.

* Consumer data was collected via an online survey administered to a nationally representative sample of 1,023 adults in UK, Russia, South Africa, Philippines and Egypt. The survey was commissioned by P&G Fabric Care for Ariel and conducted by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics together with Norstat from May 1-18, 2015. The margin of error is +/-3% at the global level and +/-7% at the local level.