How to remove beauty stains

Coffee, lipstick, ketchup – some of your favourite things can cause difficult clothing stains. But now you can say goodbye to even the most difficult marks with our comprehensive stain removal tips. Choose the type of stain you would like to get rid of and let Ariel provide you impeccable cleaning!

Beauty stains aren’t beautiful. Don’t worry, Ariel is here to help you to get rid of them.

Beauty Stains On Clothes

Removing antiperspirant and deodorant stains

Remove white marks and deodorant build-up by pre-treating the stain with a washing detergent before soaking the garment in warm water with Ariel washing liquid. Then wash with your Ariel Original Washing Liquid according to the washing symbols on the care label.

Removing cosmetic stains – lipstick, mascara and sunscreen

Pre-treat marks with Ariel Original Washing Liquid, use its pre-treat cap: the fins of the cap really spread the liquid on the stain, and rub the cleaning agents gently deeper into the fibres, then wash with Ariel Original Washing Liquid as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label.

Removing nail varnish stains

To remove from fabric, use nail varnish remover or acetone (don't use on synthetic fabrics). Then wash the garment with Ariel Original Washing Liquid or Ariel Original Washing Powder as instructed on the fabric care label.