How to load a washing machine to match drum size

Guide to basics: not all washing machines are the same size. So not all washes are going to be the same. One of the biggest differences between washing machines is the size of their drum. While a standard drum can generally hold up to 5kg worth of laundry, larger drums can hold much more.

So with a larger drum, you can get more washing done at once, cutting down on the costs of more washes, as well as the time it takes. Yet it isn’t as simple as that. With more dirty clothes in the drum, there’s more dirt, so you’re going to need to use more detergents in the wash.

Yet if the drum is too big, then you’ll rarely be able to fill it up. Then you’ll be wasting in every wash. So it’s a big decision to make, but once you’ve made it, find out how to load a washing machine and how to make sure you get the best results regardless of the drum size.

How To Load Washing Machine

Loading larger washing machines

That bigger drum requires more detergent. Not only is there more dirt, but there’s more water, too. Follow the instructions on your pack of Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Tablets to see how many pods you should place in your machine for perfect results. Too many Ariel All-in-1 PODS and you’re not only wasting detergent, but you may need to wash your clothes again. Too few and you’ll probably take out clothes almost as dirty as when you put them in.

How do you know how full is too full, though? Well there’s a simple trick to finding out whether you’ve stuffed too many garments into your washing machine: the palm trick.

The 1-hand trick

Just place your hand into the drum, it’s as easy as that. If your hand fits in with nothing else, than you have the perfect load. If you can’t squeeze your hand in, then take something out. If you find you’ve got more space in there, put more clothes in: you don’t want to waste water.

If you have no more clothes to wash and you really need to get this one done, then try the half load setting on your machine. This will use less water than a full load.