How to dose by your washing machine's size

Did you know that the size of your washing machine affects the amount of Ariel laundry detergent you should use? As washing machines get bigger and bigger, we decided to update our dosing instructions to improve the efficiency of your wash. Here are the new Ariel dosing instructions, so you can always use the right amount of product to get the best results.

It’s frustrating when your washing piles up. And even when you wash a load, the pile just seems to grow. Luckily, washing machines are starting to get bigger, meaning you can wash more laundry at once. But what’s often forgotten is that a larger washing machine needs more laundry detergent. While we may have all become used to 4-5kg machines, it’s possible to find ones that can fit 9kg, or even more, worth of clothes inside.

Laundry Basket Filled With Clothes

When you dose incorrectly, not only do you run the risk of wasting laundry detergent, but your clothes may not be cleaned to the standard you expect. Too much laundry detergent and residue can be left behind on your clothes. Too little and they may not be perfectly cleaned.

That means you may need to rewash, using more electricity, more product and more water. As it is important to make sure you dose right for your washing machine’s size, check how much laundry detergent to use.

Growing washing machines

Years ago, the most common size for a washing machine was 4-5kg. But as technology has improved, 6-8kg and even 9kg+ washing machines have appeared. And they’re just as efficient, if not more so, than their smaller predecessors.

Yet with a bigger machine, you also need more laundry detergent, whether that’s liquid or powder.

How much washing liquid to use

While 35ml is the perfect amount of Ariel liquid for a 4-5kg washing machine, you need 55ml in a 6-8kg washing machine and 70ml in a 9kg+ washing machine.

How much washing powder to use

The same is true of Ariel powder, too. 105ml for 4-5kg, 160ml for 6-8kg, and 210ml for 9kg+. That way, your clothes will always get that superior Ariel clean that you know and love.

How to dose

It’s not just how much laundry detergent you use, though, it’s how you dose it. With liquid detergent, you should use the Ariel dosing device, fill it with the correct laundry detergent dosage and place it directly into the washing machine’s drum, along with your dirty laundry. With powder, it’s best to dose into your washing machine’s dispenser drawer.

When to use more detergent

When it comes to heavily soiled, very dirty clothes, you’ll need to add a little more detergent. As always, these amounts are available on the side or back of your pack or bottle. Just make sure to follow the instructions for your washing machine and load, and use your Ariel dosing device, and you’ll get that great Ariel clean every time.