How to use and dose Ariel Gel

Try Ariel’s innovative Washing Gel and see the best results with our how to use and dosing guide.

When you’re in need of an excellent clean even in a cold wash, and you also want to use a detergent without bleach, then try the innovative Ariel Washing Gel. Convenient and easy to use, Ariel Washing Gel dissolves at the heart of the wash to deliver you a brilliant and high cleaning performance even during cool wash cycles.

Ariel Washing Gel comes in a unique bottle that allows you to dose with high precision in a simple squeeze.

How to Use Ariel Washing Gel

Ariel Washing Gel comes with an easy to use cap that helps you measure out the correct dosage for your favourites. Follow our laundry tips on how to use Ariel Washing Gel for the best cleaning results.

  1. Measure out the correct amount of gel into the cap. See our dosing guide below for more information on the how to dose washing gel.

  2. Load the machine with your clothes.

  3. Place the cap on top of the clothes.

  4. Select the appropriate washing cycle based on your garments’ fabric care labels..

  5. Place Ariel Washing Gel out of the reach of children.

In contrast with Ariel liquid detergent, Ariel Washing Gel cannot be used to hand wash your clothes.

How to Dose Ariel Washing Gel

When it comes to calculating the correct detergent dosage for your laundry, it depends on three main factors:

Dosing is easy when it comes to the Ariel Washing Gel, since the recommended dosage is clearly indicated on the inner part of the gel dosing cap.

  • For average loads in a 4-5kg washing machine, the recommended dosage is 37ml.

  • For soft water and less soiling than average for regular machines, the regular dosage is 25ml.

  • In the case of hard water and/or heavily soiled loads, the recommended dosage is 46ml.

  • If you use a large machine with a capacity of above 6kg, then you should add an extra 12ml to your laundry.