Our Commitment to Decarbonise Laundry

Ariel’s commitment to decarbonise laundry

We know that you want to clean your laundry while reducing its impact for the environment. That’s why, at Ariel, our 2030 Brand Ambition is ‘reinventing clean to drive progress’. That means putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do and delivering an outstanding clean, every time.

We believe that sustainable choices are led by science, which is why we base our innovations on our in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies that examine a product’s impact across every stage of its journey.

This framework, which we’ve used for more than two decades, allows us to scientifically pinpoint where we can do better, and prioritise innovations that will have the biggest impact.

For instance, did you know that the biggest factor in Ariel’s carbon footprint is heating the water during your laundry cycle?

What are our key goals and focus areas?

  • Normalising and enabling lower wash temperatures, aiming to reduce the average wash temperature by 5 degrees by 2025.

  • All Ariel packaging are recyclable and Ariel contributes to the P&G Fabric and Home care commitment to reduce virgin petroleum plastic in packaging globally by 50% by 2030.

  • Ensure responsible ingredient sourcing, with full supply chain transparency, always putting safety first.

  • Reduce the impact of our manufacturing, while aiming to reduce the impact of Supply Chain Resources and Greenhouse Gases used for manufacturing Ariel by 50% by 2030.

See how Ariel’s goals ladder up to wider P&G Ambition 2030 here.