When it matters, be your best! It could be life changing…

What if that first date planned for this weekend is actually your first meeting with your soul-mate? Or that job interview is actually your chance at your dream career? Ariel has always believed that clothes have the power to bring out our best when the moment matters, but what about when that moment has the potential to be life changing?

Girl In Red Top

Whatever the occasion, we want to look good because when we look good we feel good too. And when it comes to a life-changing first impression, a staggering 93% of us say that clean clothes are the most important ingredient to make the moment count.

Intrigued by this, Ariel set out to discover the role of clothes in life changing moments by bringing long distance lovers who had never met together for the very first time. This couple was Lida and Denis.

Ariel followed them as they prepared for their first meeting, documenting the occasion as they chose a look, a style, an outfit.

For Lida, choosing the right outfit was the most important way to show the best version of herself to Denis. 

“I was thinking for a long time about what to wear. This is like a fairy tale and I wanted to be beautiful that day and feel confident.”

Lida isn’t alone; a huge 4 in 5 Europeans rely on clothes for confidence.

And there’s actually a lot of science behind the role of clothes in first impression moments, such as colour meanings. World-leading expert on cognitive psychology, Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum has studied how the clothes we wear are essential to who we are.

Not only do they display our identity, but they also influence our identity through how we feel in ourselves and how other people react to us through something as simple as a glance.

For Lida and Denis the first impression was a truly life-changing love story. Shortly after meeting, Denis proposed to Lida… and she said yes!

It’s worth keeping the clothes that bring the most out of you in great shape, because you just never know when life changing moments knock on your door. You cannot go wrong with Ariel Colour Washing Liquid keeping your coloured clothes vibrant, or Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Capsules Original taking care of your favorites with just 1 move.

When the moment really matters, be your best.

** Consumer data was collected via an online survey administered to a nationally representative sample of 1,023 adults  in UK, Russia, South Africa, Philippines and Egypt. The survey was commissioned by P&G Fabric Care  for Ariel and conducted by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics together with Norstat from May 1-18, 2015.  The margin of error is +/-3% at the global level and +/-7% at the local level