How to make your favourite colours work for you

The colours that go best with your personality and make you happy should be worn regardless of fashion trends, as they can have a big impact on your life. Each have colour meanings and messages. They can consciously or subconsciously influence your mood, your state of mind, and even what others think about you. The colours you wear talk. Here’s what they say.

What Colors To Wear


You don’t need to add too many accessories to pull it off because the colour itself is able to attract enough attention.

What your clothes's colours says about you

I am a fancy, happy, trendy, extravagant woman, who likes being in the spotlight and loves fashion.


Purple is a versatile colour, you can make a strong impression with it.

What your clothes's colours says about you

I’m a mysterious, self-confident, feminine person, who has a sixth sense.


Everything depends on the shade. Pastels are fresh and youthful. Darker greens make you look more mature.

What your clothes's colours says about you

I’m a down-to-earth, friendly, peaceful, self-confident and open person, who prefers to keep things natural. I evolve constantly.


The colour of water and sky. The colour of freshness and health. The colour everyone likes. The colour of empowerment and calmness.

What your clothes's colours says about you

I’m cool, calm, inspired and sincere. I prefer the truth and moderation. I’m powerful, self-conscious and good at communicating. I have high ideals.


You have to wear it with lots of self-confidence. Beware: it can make you look aggressive if overdone and if you are not a femme fatale stay away and instead go for red accessories.

What your clothes's colours says about you

I want to feel strong and brave to be ready to tackle anything that comes my way. I want to dominate and I am passionate about the things that are important to me.

How can colours make the most out of you? Always check your skin tone – if your veins look blue, you have cold/pinkish skin tone, so go for colours with a cold/pink shade. If your veins look green, your skin tone is yellowish, so go for warm colours with a yellowish tone. The same goes for your make up. Always make sure that the coloured clothes you’re wearing are perfectly clean, vivid and bright. Faded colours are blah. You can rely on Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Tablets, working to clean, lift off stains, and brighten your garments. Let Ariel help you look after your colours.