How to keep clothes and fabrics from fading

How To Stop Clothes Fadding

Bright, beautiful new fabrics are the cornerstone of your wardrobe, but over time, colours can start to fade and the details lose definition. There are many different measures you can take to stop clothes fading. Follow the steps below and prevent fabric fading with the help of our Ariel laundry tips.

Step by step guide to keep clothing from fading

  • 1

    Check washing symbol labels

    Not all clothes require the same treatment, so make sure to follow the instructions on the fabric care labels. Some may need hand washing, while others may be dry clean only. Separate these clothes from your usual wash.

  • 2

    Sort clothes according to colour

    Wash dark colours together, and white or lighter colours in a separate load. If you have a lot of colours to wash, wash them according to colour group. Wash bright clothes, such as purples, reds, oranges and bright yellows together, and bright blues and greens together in a different wash.

  • 3

    Pre-treat stains

    If you find any stains, pre-treat them with a small amount of liquid detergent like Ariel Original Washing Liquid. Pour Ariel directly onto the stain and use the pre-treat cap to spread the washing detergent deep into the garment’s fibres.

  • 4

    Turn new coloured clothes inside out

    New coloured clothes should be turned inside out to make sure the dye does not transfer, which can help stop clothes from fading.

  • 5

    Do not overfill your machine

    Putting too many clothes in the washing machine can reduce the quality of your wash. A simple test is to place your palm in the top of your drum. If it does not fit, remove clothes until it does.

  • 6

    Use a gentle wash

    Coloured and patterned clothes need to be treated with care, so use less agitation to avoid getting faded clothes over time.

  • 7

    Wash in cold water

    For best performance, use a liquid detergent optimised for cold washes, like Ariel Original Washing Liquid. You can get the same superior results at 30 degrees, all while being gentler on your coloured and patterned clothes.

  • 8

    Use fabric protection

    A fabric conditioner, like Lenor, doesn’t just help your clothes feel their best, it keeps them looking great for longer.

  • 9

    Remove clothes from the machine as soon as cycle finishes

    The dyes from coloured clothes can leach into other fabrics if left sitting damp in the drum of your washing machine, so remove them as soon as your wash has finished.

  • 10

    Hang dry

    The tumble dryer can speed up the fading process, so avoid it whenever possible. Instead dry your clothes on a line or rack.

Coloured and patterned clothes look great when partnered with other fabrics. But those fabrics need to be kept in their best condition, too. Learn how to wash denim and how to care for silk clothes, and you can pair your colours with clean and fresh favourites. Just trust Ariel to give you outstanding stain removal results from the 1st wash.