6 ways to keep clothes clean while travelling

Don’t let smelly clothes and unexpected spills ruin your next business trip or vacation. Here, six strategies for handling pesky stains and dirty laundry while traveling.We’ve all been there. You’re about to leave your hotel for an important meeting or sightseeing when you stain your clothes by spilling your coffee or dribble toothpaste on the front of your shirt. At home it’s simply a matter of changing your outfit, but on a business trip or family getaway it’s not so easy. Follow our laundry tips for pros and your laundry will be the last thing you need to worry about on your next getaway.

Keeping Clothes Clean While Travelling

Know your options.

  • Before you leave home, find out what laundry services, including dry cleaning, are available at your hotel. If you’re traveling with kids, consider an extended-stay or all-suite hotel that has a washer and dryer in each room.

Skip natural fibres.

  • Cotton and wool can take forever to dry. Instead, choose quick-drying clothes made from travel-friendly fabrics, including microfiber and polyester/spandex blends. Bonus: Garments made specifically for travel are often lightweight, so your luggage will be lighter too.

Pack a portable laundry room.

  • Transform any hotel bathroom into command central with a flat rubber sink stopper, a few clothes pegs, and a travel-size laundry detergent, conveniently premeasured for washing small batches of clothing.

Brush with caution.

  • The titanium-dioxide powder that makes toothpaste white can leave unsightly residue on clothing. Water and All detergents can easily remove the mark, but you can save time and energy—and avoid walking around with a wet spot on your tie or blouse—by brushing your teeth before getting dressed.

Don’t delay: Treat small stains right away.

  • The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove, so soak it with Ariel Original Washing Liquid before washing as normal. That way your stains will rise right off the fabric.

Tuck a laundry bag into your luggage.