How to use your washing machine and save

Using your washing machine to its full potential is about more than just the cleanest garments. It’s also about the most efficient way to get those clean garments. Sustainability and sustainable washing machine use can cut down on time, detergent use, and water and detergent costs, giving you cleaner clothes that much easier.

Use Washing Machine Efficiently

So what is sustainable washing machine use?

The first step to sustainable usage is buying the right washing machine. You can get some very efficient machines nowadays, so getting one with a high energy efficiency rating will help cut down on energy use. The same applies for water. There are some very water efficient machines out there, so keep an eye on the specs to make sure.

The other things to look out for in a new machine are the features and functions. Machines with cold cycles, quick washes and eco settings can help you save on some washes. How? For starters, for water to be hot, it needs to be heated up, and that requires a lot of energy, which translates into your monthly utility bill. Picking the right washing machine temperature setting does make a difference when it comes to sustainable laundry, as by washing on a cold you’ll use less energy per cycle, which on the long term will save you a considerable amount of money. Also look out for water saving features, which are starting to appear on many machines.

You can be efficient

Yet getting the right machine is only the beginning of the savings. Sustainable usage can save you the most of all. To start with, it’s important to keep your washing machine clean. An unclean washing machine can lead to garments that need to be washed a second time, so once a month give your washing machine a clean.

Next, only wash full loads or use the half load function. It’s no good having an efficient machine if you don’t use it efficiently, so make sure to fill it up correctly. Put your hand in the drum to see if you’ve filled up to the maximum – just enough space for your hand and you’re just right.

Efficient detergent

The right laundry detergent also plays an important role. How about Ariel? The right Ariel detergent can do your laundry on a cold water setting, giving you a more efficient wash: use Ariel Gel can help you see better laundry results on cold washes. By using cold washing temperatures, you can also minimise the risk of shrinkage, and to protect your bright colours and dark blacks from running or fading. Not only that, but a detergent like Ariel Original Washing Liquid is concentrated, meaning you need to use less every wash, while still getting Ariel’s outstanding stain removal in 1 wash.