A guide to modern washing machine features

Modern washing machines have come a long way from their early one function designs. Now you have a choice to make every time you do your laundry. So what are some of the functions you can find on modern machines? More importantly, why are they good for you? Here is your washing machine guide to basics.

Washing Machine Guide

Eco savings

The biggest area of change in washing machine function is in economy savings. Washing machines in general are far more efficient than they used to be, but they also have a range of functions to save even more water and power.

Energy saving and eco cycles are perfect for washing your cottons, synthetics and jeans. Washing with cold water instead of hot is also an effective way of leading a more sustainable life when you are choosing the washing machine water temperature, as you can save a lot of electricity by skipping out on heating the water, and by causing less colour and fabric damage to your clothes. By using a cold wash, your washing machine can save up to 57% energy per cycle* compared to normal, higher temperature settings.

Turn to 30

Ultra low temperatures are also available now. While turning to 30 degrees saves a lot, there are some machines that can offer a 20 degree wash now, which brings you even more savings and can help keep your colors bright and vivid for even longer. Not all detergents are good for cold wash cycles, though. Try Ariel Gel or Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Tablets for outstanding results.

Time saving functions are present nowadays, with shorter 1 hour or 30 minute cycles common. There are also extra functions, such as delicate wash and hand wash for delicate garments, and anti-odor cycles to remove persistent smells.

Washing machines have also introduced more features that help to give you a better clean while cutting down on waste. While the half load cycle is common, some machines now have sensors to provide just enough water for the amount of clothes in the drum.

The detergent matters

As always, it’s important to select the right laundry detergent for the job and then dose it correctly. Too much or too little detergent can spoil your wash, removing the point of all those economy settings. Too much detergent can also lead to residue build up, which doesn’t help your machine’s lifetime. So take care and get a better wash.

* Based on a 60 minute cycle at 30°C compared with a 60 min cycle at 40°C