Knowing our customers

It’s no good creating a great all detergents if it doesn’t do what the user wants. So at Ariel, we make sure to invest in getting to know our customers at every stage of their laundry process. That way we can provide the best laundry experience for them, every time.

Mother And Daugter Doing Laundry Together

Customer research is therefore an important tool and we take it very seriously. This research falls into two categories: qualitative or quantitative. The former is in-depth interviews and analyses with Ariel customers, while the latter comprises large amounts of data collected over large surveys.

Qualitative Research

Ariel use qualitative research to generate new ideas for products and how to improve existing products. There are 4 key methods we use: focus group discussion, in-home visits, in-context visits, and in-store interviews.

Through these meetings with our customers, Ariel can get a better idea of what they want to see in our products, enabling us to change certain aspects of our line-up to provide a better laundry experience for Ariel consumers.

So the Ariel team can now come up with new ideas and concepts to better the range, while our quantitative research allows these ideas to be put to the test.

Quantitative Research

We use four main areas of research here: habits and practices, blind tests, concept and use tests, and quality monitoring.

These larger scale studies allow us to test our products on our customers. Our products are given to our customers to evaluate, sometimes blind. Then we can truly evaluate whether the product will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and how does it drive customer satisfaction.

This customer research allows Ariel to continue to release high quality detergents that produce better tough stain removal for clothes in one wash. By valuing the opinions of our customers, great products like Ariel All-in-1 PODS Washing Tablets can be developed.