How well does a plant-based detergent clean?

The key goal of our sustainability vision is to create innovations that move Ariel toward using more renewable ingredients.

We know people love Ariel for the trusted cleaning performance it delivers, which is why we designed Ariel purclean™: To deliver an outstanding clean with a new formula that is 70% plant-based.

By carefully selecting which ingredients can be replaced with plant-based ingredients, we managed to maintain that high cleaning performance you’ve come to expect from Ariel, but with a more sustainable formula. Ariel purclean™ contains the right level of plant-based ingredients that delivers this performance, even at temperatures as low as 20°C and on quick cycles, according to our latest scientific understanding. Ariel purclean™ has a high level of active ingredients per drop which delivers an outstanding clean.

We know that you want detergents that go beyond just giving great stain removal, other factors such as freshness, colour brightness, and brilliant whites are also important to you. We have taken all these aspect of ‘clean’ into consideration while designing the formula. If you’re interested in knowing more about our plant-based detergent and how it cleans, read on.

What Does Plant-Based Mean?

Plant-based means that these ingredients are derived from plants. Plant-based ingredients provide a renewable alternative to conventional non-renewable products. You will notice that Ariel purclean™ also contains biobased ingredients which we have used to describe the ingredients that are sourced from renewable sources other than plants. In Ariel purclean™, this refers to enzymes sourced from microorganisms and therefore are not plant-based but are renewable.

Is there a difference between plant-based and bio-based detergents? Bio-based products derive from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials, offering an alternative to petroleum-derived products. A plant-based product is bio-based, but a bio-based product may not be a plant-based product. You may also see some detergents marketed with the “naturally derived ingredients” listed in their formulas, which can include water – and a detergent with high levels of water can appear to have a high percentage of natural ingredients as a result.


Requires certification that 95% of the ingredients used in the product are organic.


There are no established standards for laundry detergents for the designation natural.

The basic guidelines are that the product must be found in natural and minimally altered in the production cycle.


Bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials.


No certification is required for the plant-based label.

The formula may have small amount of ingredients derived from plants.

The manufacturer of Ariel, P&G, has both short- and long-term sustainability goals, and increasing the amount of renewable or recycled materials in our products and packaging is an important aspect of that. Our short-term goals include creating more technologies to replace non-renewable raw materials and to ensure traceability of key renewable resources like palm oil and palm kernel oil. Our biggest long-term vision is to use 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging.

The plant-based content in Ariel purclean™ is assessed using the CEN16640 method, which is the technical standard specified by the European Commission. This specified method ensures standardisation across the industry regarding the method used to determine the bio-based content of a product.

Plant-based ingredients are only renewable if they are sourced sustainably. We are working closely together with the WWF, our suppliers and in close partnership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) to ensure even higher standards of traceability and sustainable sourcing of our renewable ingredients.

How To Dose Detergent For An Outstanding Clean

Using the wrong dose not only wastes detergent but can impact the quality of the clean. Using too little can lead to poor stain removal and using too much can mean that the suds are not fully rinsed off. Always check the back of pack for the dosing instructions for your machine.

You can order your free dosing device for Ariel purclean™. We have included the option to order a new device as and when you need it, to help you cut down on waste. Our dosing device can be used multiple times; you can recycle it and order a new one for free as you need to.

Ariel Plant Based Detergent Dosing Instruction