The first ever 3-compartment detergent, Ariel 3in1 PODS Washing Capsules have a unique multi-compartment design that keeps the ingredients stable and separate until they reach the wash, providing super-concentrated cleaning power. The innovative film dissolves completely in contact with water to release the powerful technologies that tackle a broad stain range, providing you with the best 3in1 PODS detergent from Ariel - with just the right amount of detergent.



The PODS have to be put in the drum towards the back first before putting the load on top.

• for soft to medium water, light to medium soiled loads, is one pod per wash

• for hard water and difficult/heavy soil load, we recommend using 2 PODS per wash

To prevent the pod from dissolving before use, you should always close the tub and handle with dry hands.


Extraordinary cleaning in one little pod

Cleans, lifts off stains and brightens

Gets rid of tough, dried-in stains and replaces them with the freshness of Febreze

Easy to use: no need to measure and pour


Your laundry routine should be safe and efficient.

Follow our tips to make sure you are using and storing your laundry products correctly.

Or watch our safety video.

Do not press, peel or bite the pod.

Not recommended for handwashing.

No pre-wash.

Not recommended for delicate and wool cycles.

Flame Resistant Finishes: never soak or wash above 50°.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Risk of serious damage to eyes.

Irritating to skin. Avoid contact with skin and eyes: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear eye/face protection.

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

Handcare: If you have damaged or sensitive skin, avoid prolonged contact with the washing solution.

Store in a cool dry place (0°-30°C). Do not store product in direct sunlight.

How to keep your home safe and ultimately happy


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97% Recommended

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01/01/2018 04:56:10

Dont bother

I bought 2 boxes of the 3 in1 pods.They do not dissolve in the wash.No matter how carefully I place the pod according to instruction fro manufacturer.Leaves a nasty gloopy residue/stain on clothes.Had to throwit away.Would not buy again.

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12/28/2017 04:56:38

Great cleaning action everytime

This product is sensation .It does what it says on the proverbial tin. Great results everything and good value. Just what every busy family needs.

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12/17/2017 05:02:12

A fabulous pod with intense cleaning!!!!

I recently brought a small pack of these to trial and am hugely impressed the cleaning power of them is excellent and have been particularly effective on my sons football kit and school trousers which have some tough stains!! They offered superior cleaning removed all stains and left the clothing bright. The ease of popping a pod in my wash with no mess from loose power or dripping liquids made it a fast and clean way to pop in a load

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