Product Description

Ariel’s dosing ball for liquid detergent helps you correctly dose your washing liquid, while minimising the amount of detergent wasted in the process, giving you outstanding stain removal in the first wash!


How to use

Knowing exactly how much washing liquid to use in your laundry depends on a number of things. To make sure that you use the right amount of Ariel washing liquid, check the dosing instructions on your pack first. Next, simply fill the Ariel dosing ball as per the instructions, and place it inside the washing machine’s drum, on top of your garments. Now you can sit back and relax.

  1. Check dosing instructions
  2. Fill the dosing ball with detergent
  3. Place it inside the drum, on top of your clothes
  1. Pour Ariel liquid detergent onto the stain
  2. Spread it around with the cup
  3. Place the cup with the detergent inside the drum


How to order

You can order your free washing liquid dosing ball via Ariel’s consumer helpline, available between 9 AM and 5 PM, from Monday to Friday. Your laundry dosing ball will be sent to you by mail as soon as possible. Once you have a doser, save and re-use it to help us reduce plastic waste. Call one of the following telephone numbers depending on where you’re located:

Ireland: 1800 509 083

UK: 0800 085 2592


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