Ariel Washing Gel Colour & Style

Ariel Gel provides you with brilliant cleaning even in a cold wash. Ariel Washing Gel Colour & Style cleans and keeps colours bright. This super concentrated gel activates in cold water and dissolves rapidly even in a quick wash, removing stains to leave your clothes vibrant and clean!

Ariel Washing Gel Colour & Style

Product description

If you’re looking for brilliant cleaning at temperatures as low as 15 degrees, then Ariel Washing Gel is for you. Easy and convenient to use, the Gel and its unique bottle allow you to dose with high precision with just a squeeze. The Gel dissolves at the heart of the wash for brilliant cleaning performance even at low temperatures.

How to use

Always check dosing instructions on the pack and remove dosing cap
Squeeze the bottle and dose the excel gel using the dosing cap
Place the dosing device into the drum and wash on cold
Add fabric enhancer to make the most of your wash

How to dose

Ariel Colour Washing Gel - How to dose

24 washes per pack based on 37ml per wash. Like any household detergent, keep away from children.


  • Ariel’s improved washing liquid detergent
  • Lets you pre-treat, scrub and dose the perfect amount of Ariel liquid
  • Innovative Pre-treat cap for targeted action on tough stains
  • Tough on stains, easy to use