A Step in the Right Direction

Introducing Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid, our first detergent with 70% plant-based ingredients, and a step on our journey towards using renewable ingredients to create our products. As with all Ariel products, Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid also aims to promote low-energy cycle washing, sustainable sourcing of ingredients, and make advances in recyclable and recycled packaging.

Steps of using renewable ingredients

70% plant-based ingredients. We work closely with our suppliers and have now also partnered with the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) to ensure even higher standards of traceability and sustainable sourcing of our renewable ingredients.

70% plant based ingredients

Formula is made in France at a site powered by 100% renewable wind electricity* and that sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill.
* The same facility also uses steam power

100% renewable wind electricity

The Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid bottle is made from 35 % post-consumer recycled material (PCR).

35 % post-consumer recycled material

Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid comes in 100% recyclable bottle.

100% recyclable bottle

Next steps

Our vision is to use 100% renewable and recycled materials for all our products and packaging. We want to design products that delight with their great cleaning while maximizing conservation of resources. At Ariel we continue to further all our sustainability commitments, for example we are increasing the use of post-consumer recycled material in our packaging in line with our corporate goal to double the use of recycled resin by 2020.

For more information about Ariel’s sustainability commitments, click here.