How well does Ariel Purclean™ actually clean?

A key goal of our sustainability vision is to create innovations that move Ariel into using more renewable ingredients. We know people love Ariel for the trusted cleaning performance it delivers. Therefore, Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid is designed to deliver an outstanding clean, even at temperatures as low as 20°C and in quick cycles, with a new formula that is 70% plant-based. The great cleaning performance under various conditions was of immense importance to us when designing the formula, as we know that by far the biggest impact we can make on the environment is to enable people to wash their laundry in energy-efficient cycles.

We have achieved this by carefully selecting which ingredients can be replaced by plant-based ingredients while maintaining high cleaning performance. Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid has a high level of active ingredients per drop, which delivers an outstanding clean.

We know that you want detergents that go beyond just great stain removal, other factors such as freshness, color brightness, and brilliant whites are also important to you. We have taken all these aspect of ‘clean’ into consideration while designing the formula.

Using the right dose for your machine

Using the wrong dose not only wastes detergent but can impact the quality of the clean. Using too little can lead to poor stain removal and using too much can mean that the suds are not fully rinsed off. Always check the back of pack for the dosing instructions for your machine.

You can order your free dosing device for Ariel purclean™ Washing Liquid here. We have included the option to order a new device as and when you need it, to help you cut down on waste. Our dosing device can be used multiple times; you can recycle it and order a new one for free as you need to.

Using the right dose