New Ariel Excel Gel - Cleans Brrrilliantly even in a cold wash!

Clean or gentle care for your clothes? Now you no longer need to make that decision with Ariel Excel Washing Gel.

When it comes to caring for our clothes, doing the laundry often turns into a dilemma between prioritising stain removal or protecting our favourite garments from the wear and tear of washing at high temperatures.

Statistics show that many of us only use 20% of our wardrobe, which means that our most loved clothes get subjected to the fading and damage that can come with frequent washing.

The good news is that thanks to Ariel’s new innovative washing gel you no longer need to compromise between effective stain removal and garment care.

give stains the cold shoulder

Hot or Cold Wash?

Washing your garments gets complicated when you have to account for the type of fabric and the level of soiling. In the past, we washed our clothes in individual, smaller batches tailored to factors such as colour and dirt levels. Today, we simply wait for the load to pile up and toss them in the machine together.

Traditionally, warmer wash cycles have been popular for their stain removal abilities, but often leave fabrics lacklustre and even faded over time, and they definitely do not come out looking good as new!

As more and more people are switching to cold water washing or pressing the quick wash button, the new challenge on the laundry block lies in the seemingly impossible mission to lift and remove tough stains without relying on high temperatures, until today, that is.

Why Does Water Temperature Matter?

Hot wash cycles have become the status quo in the laundry world, frequently used since high washing temperatures increase the energy of the system, which in turn gets the stain removal actives in your detergent to work and melts away tough stains.

But there is also a downside to washing at high temperatures, since they can:

  • Dissolve dye molecules and cause fading in garments.
  • Impact and degrade fibre structures
  • Cause more encrustation.

To date, washing with cool wash or quick wash has proven to deliver insufficient stain removal and fails to produce a deep clean. The choice between cleaning and gentle care has been a dilemma for laundry users for some, until Ariel Excel Gel.

An Innovative New Gel

You no longer need to compromise between gentle caring and cleaning with Ariel’s new gel formula that’s tailored to take on today’s cleaning challenges.

Now you can give your clothes the best treatment, even in cold cycles. New Ariel Excel Gel has been completely redesigned to get your clothes impeccably clean and beautiful even at low temperatures, that’s why it has been awarded a Best Buy by Which?

  • Outstanding stain removal: special cold water actives and exclusive cleaning boosters help to remove even tough greasy stains at low temperatures
  • Colour preservation: the formula contains special actives that prevent dirt in the wash water from redepositing back onto the clothes which can cause colour fading
  • Super whites: Ariel Excel Gel removes the grease and dirt that can cast a grey veil on whites. The improved brightness system boosts whiteness, whilst being safe for colours and fabrics.

And an added bonus, being cool is not just good for your clothes, but it also uses less energy. Dull, faded and stained clothes are a thing of the past, since Ariel Excel Gel cleans Brrrilliantly even in a cold wash!