Ariel 3in1 PODS Washing Tablets

Why Ariel 3in1 PODs? They look little, but they are strong. 2X more stain removal power vs liquids. Ariel 3in1 PODs Washing Tablets are here to deliver all round brilliant results to your laundry, every time.

Ariel 3in1 PODS can help you change your laundry routine. 1 POD is all you need to keep your clothes clean like new.

Ariel 3in1 PODS Washing Tablets are available in Regular for ideal results even under tough conditions, Colour and Style to keep coloured items looking vibrant and bright and with a touch of Febreze to leave clothes smelling extra fresh and clean.

Keep your home safe and happy

Children discover the world with their eyes, ears, hands – and mouths! So always keep your Ariel 3in1 PODS out of reach, always closed and stored away.

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