Small changes at home can help the environment – Pledge to wash in cold water

Did you know that up to 60% of laundry’s carbon footprint comes from heating water*?

That’s more than what comes from packaging and ingredients. Ariel has launched the #washcoldchallenge to debunk misconceptions, spread important information about machine washing in cold water, and show how a tiny act of turning down the washing temperature can help ease the burden on our planet. *Simplified LCA breakdown

Wash Cold Challenge

What is the #washcoldchallenge?

Old habits die hard, we understand. We’ve been washing with warm water for so long that we still think that the only way to get impeccably clean clothes is to turn up the temperature. Many of us still believe that turning down the temperature will compromise our cleanliness. Thankfully, this is not true. Due to the development of technologies, cold washing can still give you a brilliant clean, especially that Ariel PODS® washing capsules were designed to work in cold temperatures, thanks to unique technologies. So, this is why we launched the #washcoldchallenge, to draw attention to these facts and why it’s important for everyone to take part in it.

We encourage everyone to turn down the temperature when washing and pledge it on our dedicated website to spread the word with the hashtag #washcoldchallenge on social media. If everyone in the UK washed colder, we could save an amount of CO2 that’s equal to half a million cars off the road**. So, don’t hesitate, make the pledge and challenge your family and friends to do the same and join the #washcoldchallenge.

** illustration of turning down the washing temperature from 40°C to 20°C, expressed in total UK CO2 savings in car emissions per year

What are the benefits of washing in cold water?

Even small things can have a great effect, and this is true when it comes to washing in cold water too. Here are the most important benefits of turning down the temperature on your washer:

  • Thanks to Ariel PODS® washing capsules, you’ll get a brilliant clean even in cold water

  • You reduce your laundry’s CO2 emission

  • You can save up to 60% energy*

*washing machine energy consumption, from 60˚C to 30˚C, normal cycle.

How to wash with cold water?

Washing in cold water is really simple. Use Ariel All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules after loading your washer and set your machine to a cold setting. The power of Ariel will take care of the rest thanks to our unique combination of cleaning actives, including proprietary enzymes and cleaning boosters. These make sure that you get a brilliant cleaning even in cold water, and you’ll get a deep, hygienic clean while being able to take better care of our planet. With all this in mind, are you ready to wash colder?